Awesome so good i bought 2

this is the perfect indoor outdoor fun machine it does what the mcpx promised. flips and rolls at will. i have to add great aftersales from Horizon who replaced both of my faulty ones. .
issues i bought 2 as they are going to be thrashed the first needed adjustment to the linkage rod lengths to level the swash not rtf the second has a massive tail wag my next job is to adjust the gain otherwise it will be returned. battery size and price for original + plastic parts costing more then my trex 250 spares also watch out as the motor run extremeley hot fit a heatsink these are available but should be standard. one of mine has to go back with extreme tail wag i love the heli BUT QUALITY CONTROL COME ON HORIZON the one i sent back i now have to wait for the next batch to arrive they really have to sort out quality control if they wish to sell these. i have now received a replacement for the one i sent back but also now sent back the 2nd one i purchased i hope this one comes back quicker as they keep running out of stock.
its the flying why this has me transfixed, it loops and rolls at will. i needed a practice heli that could be used both indoors and out. it flys easily outdoors in a breezy day. i have had two mcpx's v1 and v2 both useless.
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