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David Ashby  |  Feb 18, 2010  |  0 comments
The small aperture in the thumb provides that essential stick 'feel'. We like a man with initiative who’s prepared to see an idea through so top marks to Kevin Johnson. Getting extremely fed up with cold and frozen hands during his winter flying sessions and unable to find a pair of gloves thin enough to provide the sensitivity to fly accurately, Kevin has arranged for a batch of gloves to be made to his own design. Manufactured from high quality materials, these ski style gloves feature a unique aperture in the thumb through which the Tx sticks can be accurately 'held'.
David Ashby  |  Jan 11, 2010  |  0 comments
The large screen is easy to read. If you’re like me, you can never have too many gadgets although granted I suspect that, also like me, some of your purchases see the light of day more often than others. I’ve grown quite attached to this new little widget from CML Distribution which has seen a lot of use on my workbench over the last few months. Primarily designed for Li-Po/Li-Fe batteries, it has a number of functions :- • Cell Balancing before, after or during pack charging.
David Ashby  |  Jan 07, 2010  |  0 comments
iPhone owners will be aware of the increasingly large and useful number of applications that can be downloaded to the phone, they're cheap too not least this wind meter function availablefrom the iTunes Storefor just 59p. The software uses sound conversion via the phones microphone togauge wind speed between 0-28mph and provide an average reading. The software wileasily convert between MPH, Knots, Kilometers per hour, and Beaufort. It sounds like a handy feature and it's now available for all iPhone types including the new 3GSphones.
David Ashby  |  Oct 09, 2009  |  0 comments
One of the great things about Li-Po batteries is their ability to hold charge, not losing capacity significantly once topped up. You can happily charge up one week and fly the next without a worry. NiMHs, of course, have been a very different story, until now that is. These new Sanyo Eneloop cells mean that NiMHs have finally come of age, they don't self-discharge like other NIMHs with the makers claiming the cells retain 80% capacity after 2 years.
David Ashby  |  Sep 30, 2009  |  0 comments
This new Eco version is the latest camera to join the FlyCamOne family. Clearly falling into the 'light-weight' category of aerial cameras, its movable head (90°) can be easily mounted outside the model andoperated by a servo. The unit offers three modes; video, photo and photo endless (VGA) while footage is recorded to a micro SD-card. Data transfer can be by USB also.
David Ashby  |  Sep 14, 2009  |  0 comments
It never ceases to amaze me just how many handy little gadgets there are out there, this new Kv meter from Robotbirds being a case in point. The unit is designed to measure the RPM and the Kv so proving especially useful to anyone who winds their own motors. We all have electric motors lying around, some have the Kv denoted but others don't so again, the meter should be invaluable workshop item for any electric flyer in helping to establish (or confirm) the Kv. Tim Mackey covers all things electric motors including Kvs in his Beginners Forum Area so do drop in there if you'd like to know more about this fascinating area of electric flight.
David Ashby  |  Sep 08, 2009  |  0 comments
Unveiled earlier this year, the new version 3 of the FlyCamOne video/still camera system has just been released. V3 seems to complement rather than replace V2 and is firmly aimed at the potential First Person View (FPV) market. It's a modular system with a clip-on screen and an optional 2. 4GHz base station.
David Ashby  |  Jun 10, 2009  |  0 comments
The new upgrade is free for existing Phoenix users. The makers of the popular Phoenix Simulator have announced the exciting details of upgrade 2. 5 that'll be free for existing users. Full details are at the Phornix site here but along with new flying sites, aircraft and helicopters (including a WOT4 hurrah!) there will be a whole host of tweaks and improvements, new sounds, features, bug fixes, improved physics and graphic effects.
David Ashby  |  May 07, 2009  |  0 comments
J. Perkins Distribution have raised the bar in the electric flight arena with the addition of these new 5C charge rate Li-Po batteries to their EnErG Pro range. With a continuous discharge rate of 25c, theyre no shirkers in the output dept either. The popular 3S 2100mAh pack is £45.
David Ashby  |  Feb 16, 2009  |  0 comments
German company Acme were displaying the next generation FlyCamOne video camera system at this year's Nuremburg trade show. Pictured here, FlyCamOne V3 is a modular system designed to provide 'still' pictures, video and real-time footage via the ground station monitor along with an FPV (first person view) facility. Sadly I couldn't get to speak to one of Acme's experts and the brochure is in German but clearly the system is radically different to version 2. For a start it's modular so you buy what you need and then add on items after.
David Ashby  |  Dec 09, 2008  |  0 comments
Got an E-flite Blade MCX Helicopter? Want to create a stir after dark? Well these new glow-in-the-dark replacement parts should help. From blades through to undercarriage skids, they'll certainly add a new dimension to your night time heli' flying. Prices are as follows - Swashplate set - £6. 59 Lower main blade set - £2.
David Ashby  |  Nov 11, 2008  |  0 comments
CML Distribution have just launched this clever little gadget that may prove a very useful tool for the electric flyer. The Battery Doctor is the size of a mobile phone and has a number of functions - Li-Po balancer Li-Po discharger Receiver battery voltage testing Cell and pack voltage readout The unit has a row of JST-XH balance connectors ranging 2-6S and to which packs are connected. It can balance packs before, during or after charging. Cells can be discharged at a gentle rate to a default or pre-set level while the large LCD screen and animated icons give a clear indication of what the unit is up to.
Tim Mackey  |  Jul 04, 2008  |  0 comments
Having been experimenting with some of the newer battery technology (LiFe PO4s etc) I was looking for a new toy that could handle a goodly number of these cells, as well as all my other existing stuff. My GT8 was fine on Li-Po and could handle up to 8 cells at 7A - but had a few issues with larger 8-cell LiFe PO4 packs. This new 1010B also had a nifty balance plug adaptor board capable of accepting a wide variety of balance plugs (JST XH format) from different series wired batteries. With up to 10A and 10-cell handling, integrated balancing, and 200-watt capacity, it looked to be a capable machine.
David Ashby  |  Mar 05, 2008  |  0 comments
We tend to be aware of the high profile products in the R/C world but it can be little things, scale details no less that can transform a model. Adding lights to aircraft and helicopters is a growing trend made easier because some suppliers will now make an inexpensive LED lighting harness to order. Brentford R/C is one such supplier so if you've always fancied some night flying then why not make it a reality? Tell them about the model you'd like to illuminate and they'll wire up a lighting harness to suit the subject. A lightweight LED harness will plug into a spare receiver channel and should require very little from the flight battery - less than 25mAh in many cases.


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