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RCME Staff  |  Dec 13, 2018  |  0 comments
on the cover We don't need much of an excuse to put a highly detailed warbird on the cover and, fortunately, this month we've got good reason. You see, not only do we have Mike Booth's supremely practical tips on applying an authentic patina (page 92), we've also got an inspirational piece by Andy Blackburn on owning and flying larger warbirds (page 12). Our cover model, meanwhile, is Chuck Hamilton's outstanding Dauntless SBD from the Jerry Bates plan, pictured at Top Gun 2017. Photo: Danny Fenton free pro-plans PUSHOVER Back with another golden age classic, Shaun Garrity describes a well- behaved pusher that's suitable for all manner of propulsion systems FIRESTREAK Mike White's adaptable, quick-build aerobatic warmliner is a model for all conditions and all occasions regulars SWITCH ON – Special Feature Dave Roberts cosies up with the Japanese team at the Swiss F4C World Champs and concludes that scale modelling is an international language COUNTERPOINT Kits, blingy bits, gadgets and gimmicks, lock up yer wonga or risk losing it on impulse! ALL WRITE Readers’ letters.
RCME Staff  |  Nov 16, 2018  |  0 comments
on the cover There's something very special about scale helicopters, more so when they're beautifully detailed one-of fs that are made to the highest of standards and just ooze the character of the full-size from every nut, Jesus bolt and rivet. We've called Martin Fraser's scratch-built Westland Wessex a masterpiece in miniature but, in truth, that doesn't do it justice. Take a closer look on page 50 and admire its awesomeness. Photo: Alex Whittaker free pro-plan GÖ1 WOLF A very short full-size production run does nothing to reduce the appeal of this classic ‘30s soarer.
RCME Staff  |  Oct 18, 2018  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Our Alex has been at it all summer, travelling the length and breadth of the country in pursuit of the show circus and some of the finest R/C models in the world. We happen to know he’s got at least one SD card full of fabulous aerodyne images that’ll have you itching to make a start on that dream project. Look no further than page 112 for a snap or two of Steve Rickett’s outstanding Douglas Boston III and a hint of what’s to come. Photo: Alex Whittaker FREE PRO-PLANS MOONGLOW VI Embracing the joys of a 15cc petrol engine, Shaun Garrity turns back the F3A clock with a superb retro aerobat SNAP DRAGON Ease yourself into the workshop this winter with Richard Harris’ diminutive 3-channel sportster REGULARS SWITCH ON All change at Cosford, Rich Harris’ popular Panther autogyro gets a kit of parts, a funding cut for the RNHF, and more COUNTERPOINT Kits bits and blingy bits, designed to tease that wad of tenners from your wallet ALL WRITE Have your say in RCM&E’s gentlemanly equivalent of Speakers’ Corner GOING PLACES Indoors is where it’s at.
RCME Staff  |  Sep 20, 2018  |  0 comments
Free Pro-Plans Cone of confusion To accompany the plans for his evergreen Panther, Rich’ Harris joins Cali Munro to explain the appeal of the autogyro Dogfight duo Tony Nijhuis recreates a pair of Korean war classics with this 26in, EDF-powered Mig-15 and F86 Sabre Features Hurricane hootenanny Blowing hard: Alex Whittaker reports on a storming weekend of scale-soaring at the PSSA’s mass-build event Model squadron First-person view: John Lancaster tells a behind-the-scenes story from C4’s recent RC re-enactment of the Battle of Britain Warbird rescue Ian Nash restores a Hangar 9 MkIX Spitfire before adding wear-and-tear weathering effects, and a touch of LED magic Airbrush basics A quick recap’ of Alex’s class for beginners Sympathy for the devil Theenfants terriblesof the RC world or a new horizon of modelling and flying challenges? Wayne Andrews makes a case for drones Elan 100 Simple pleasures: David Ashby reviews Cambrian Model’s soarer, an ‘80s design that has passed the test of time Adding lightness If you throw it in the air and it comes down again, it’s too heavy: Richard Crapp offers ways to achieve a state of enlightenedness “If you ask me. . . ” In the virtual clubhouse ofRCM&E’sreader surveys, Graham and David Ashby eavesdrop on the conversations about our hobby Reap what you sow Rebuilding Britain: the summer of ’18 brought drought for Team GB at the scale world championships.
RCME Staff  |  Aug 30, 2018  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Those who've had a go will already know that there's so much more to building a scale model than gluing A to B and sending your creation skyward on a wing and a prayer. The reality is veritable voyage of discovery, especially, as Mike Healy will attest, if you can open a line of communication with the owner and pilot of the full-size. Check out his gorgeous model ofTracey Curtis-Taylor'snews making Boeing Stearman. Photo: Graham Ashby FREE PRO-PLANS THE OHMEN Bring a vintage vibe to your flying with Peter Miller's classically- styled electric aerobat COQUETTE Just shy of 70 years ago, a young Vic Smeed introduced his pugnacious little cabin biplane to the world and it went down a storm.
RCME Staff  |  Jul 26, 2018  |  0 comments
on the cover There's nothing more alluring than the spectacle of aeroplanes on water and when said water happens to be one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in the country, the combination is a photographic treat. Who better to cover the recent Ullswater Splash-in than RCM&E's photo journo, Alex Whittaker. Read all about it on page 14 –Photo: Alex Whittaker free pro-plans ISABELLA Marco Penk's wannabe full-size is a proper polyhedral cutie that's perfect for enjoying the simple pleasures R/C flight BEAGLE PUP Eyes down for a full house as Shaun Garrity pumps up the 1960s low-wing trainer / tourer. Clear your bench for another classic build regulars SWITCH ON We've a 2018 F4 World Championship ‘special’ all the way from Meiringen, Switzerland, where RCM&E's Dave Roberts has spent the week mixing it with the masters of scale COUNTERPOINT Gadgets, kits and blingy bits, designed to empty your wallet ALL WRITE Readers’ letters.
RCME Staff  |  Jun 28, 2018  |  0 comments
on the cover Whilst W. W. I aircraft can be massively challenging models to build it should be noted that the stick and rudder flying experience can also concentrate the mind. Put all this together in a 1/3-scale, highly detailed airframe, form a squadron and you have the makings of the famed Dawn Patrol.
RCME Staff  |  Jun 01, 2018  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER This Spitfire Mk. 9 fromFlightLineRC may have escaped your attention but, with oodles of presence, it's one of the best ready-to-fly warbirds we've seen and, on page 24 this month, Brian Collins reviews it's smaller (but no less pretty) 1. 2m span sibling. FREE PRO-PLANS FLEA-FLI Shaun Garrity revisits Phil Kraft's classic ‘Old Orange Trash’.
RCME Staff  |  May 03, 2018  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Mark Hinton flew his fabulousWestland Lysander at the Alan Lill and Ken Bones Memorial Scale Fly-In, which took place on the rain soaked tarmac at Barkston Heath. Alex Whittaker was there to capture all the action on his box brownie, and files his report, starting on page 26. Here's Richard Scarbrough's glorious Mustang. FREE PRO PLAN PYLON PUP Bill Bowne offers up his tribute to the Golden Age of air racing in the form of a 1.
RCME Staff  |  Apr 05, 2018  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER. . . Arguably one of the most beautiful biplane fighters of all time, it's surprising how little Hawker's Fury is modelled.
RCME Staff  |  Mar 09, 2018  |  0 comments
On the cover. . . There's nothing quite like a relaxed club fly-in, especially if, as Alex Whittaker found when visiting the Bardney Club, you're blessed with good weather and a welcoming atmosphere.
RCME Staff  |  Feb 08, 2018  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Small shows and fly-ins often showcase rarely seen yet impressive creations. So it was at last year's Teeside Show from where Alex Whittaker files this month's report and where Dave Johnson was campaigning this fine twin petrol- powered Military Bleriot. FREE PRO-PLANS SIMPLEX Shaun Garrity heads back in time with a 40” span version of a 1940s American classic RES-EAGLE Slowly but surely, summer's on the way and you've time to build Ton van Munsteren's thermal-hungry soarer REGULARS SWITCH ON A round-up of the latest R/C flying news COUNTERPOINT More tempting new releases ALL WRITE Over to you. .
RCME Staff  |  Jan 11, 2018  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Sight, sounds and emotion. Some models stop you in your tracks and Dr Keith Mitchell's 21ft span Super Constellation is one such. Alex Whittaker caught it at the LMA's Elvington show last year so just turn to page 14 for all the highlights. FREE PRO-PLANS MIGNON Chris Reid's Foss-style sportster delivers minimal building and maximum flying SIR JASPER Shaun Garrity unearths a classic Arthur Searl design from 1970 VECTORCRAFT Distinctly different is how you'd describe Max Zuijdendorp's new indoor racer REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest model flying news COUNTERPOINT More tempting new arrivals ALL WRITE Over to you.
RCME Staff  |  Dec 14, 2017  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER They've had the ARTF treatment before, notably by Great Planes and Hangar 9 themselves, and the RV series of home- built aircraft always seem to suit the model format. Hangar 9 have returned to the Vans stable and selected the RV-4 as the basis for an attractive, large-scale release that's reviewed this month starting on page 110. FREE PRO-PLANS PUDDLEDUCK Hot on the heels of his popular Tiger 72 design that webrought you a few months ago, Jim Newberry returns with this easy-build, vintage-style, STICKY Ton van Munsteren's diminutive electric version of the classic Stick - quick build, low cost, max fun! REGULARS SWITCH ON Bringing you up to date. .
RCME Staff  |  Nov 16, 2017  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER. . . Tony Nijhuis described hisHarrier experiments in a series of articles earlier this year and, this month, returns to complete the story and describe how the VTOL challenge was finally solved.