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RCME Staff  |  Mar 13, 2017  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Bolero, a new aerobat from Ripmax, is well made, inexpensive and the sort of ARTF Sunday sport model you hardly see from the big distributors these days. Great to see it then, but how does it fly? Turn to page 28 and we'll tell you. FREE PRO-PLANS FRED Lindsay Todd's delightful semi-scale take on Eric Clutton's experimental homebuild is perfect for those long, lazy summer days. SWANNEE Shaun Garrity re-discovers an appealing low- wing sportster from the single-channel era that's itching for your contemporary revisions.
RCME Staff  |  Feb 07, 2017  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Who said jets have no character? They can't have seen an A-10 Warthog, this being Andy Johnson and George Murgatroyd's twin gas- turbine powered version. It was scratch built by John Menhemett and flown by the pair at the Liverpool and District Model Aircraft Club's Battle of Britain Day in early October 2016. The 10ft (3m) span model weighs 65lbs (29kg) and was certainly one of the highlights. You'll find our full report from this great fly-in starting on page 14.
RCME Staff  |  Jan 11, 2017  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER What does a world-class scale competitor do between those big thousand-hour projects? Well, if you're Richard Crapp then you build a Balsa USA Junkers D. 1 kit. . .
RCME Staff  |  Dec 12, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER E-flite's new 1. 2m (47”) span P-47D might be a park flyer in some eyes (although we'd dispute that) but there's no doubting the amountof care that's gone into a model that looks absolutely gorgeous both on the ground and in the air. Just glance at the cover shot and you'd asume it's a far larger model. We've been flying it this month and tell you what we think starting on page 32 FREE PRO-PLANS VAMOOSE Fast, aerobatic and fun is how we'd describe Mike Freeman's 42” span, v-tail sportster and it's nicely different too BAMBINA Fancy something fast and aerobatic for the park? Bambino's low-wing sibling is all that while cheap and easy to build.
RCME Staff  |  Nov 15, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Sometimes a model comes along that stops you in your tracks and Nigel Wagstaff's astounding 1/3-scale Fokker DVII is one such. Apart from a unique scheme, the level of detail is breathtaking and the finish sublime. Turn to page 112 and we'll tell you all about it. Photo by Alex Whittaker FREE PRO-PLAN BITE-SIZE WARRIORS Ton Van Munsteren returns with another easy-build, park-fly dogfight double in the form of a Tempest and Rata I16 BITTY Delve into your scrap box and you'll have all you need for Rich Harris’ little micro glider that's perfect for the slope or piggyback launching DAS GHOSTEN FLUGBOOT Shaun Garrity finds that this classic single-channel flying boat responds well to a contemporary refresh COLUMNS ON SILENT WINGS Simon Cocker records the PSSA's 2016 Mass Build Fly-in and finds the Colditz Cock at a year-end aerotow BENCH BLOG Busy as ever, Tim Hooper has the latest news on his trad’ build projects WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch with tips to help your petrol engine breath easy WEEKENDERS Whittaker finds the Skyleader single- channel radio that never was REGULARS SWITCH ON EASA updates and an inaugural indoor FPV meet’ COUNTERPOINT Step 1 – circle item required.
RCME Staff  |  Oct 17, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER John Horne's lovely 112” span Spitfire touches down at the Willis Warbirds invitational fly-in last summer. The event's mixture of R/C warbirds and 40s-style entertainment that encourages audience participation has grown over the last few years and Alex Whittaker popped along to sample the action Photo: Alex Whittaker FREE PRO-PLANS HIGHSIDE Lindsay Todd's tough, easy-build 55” (1397mm) slope aerobat is just the thing for those seeking the quieter side of flying BLUNDERBIRD 3 It may not be the prettiest model ever designed but it flies well and Shaun Garrity reckons this, the latest in his line of retro builds, could have a hidden racing pedigree COLUMNS MAKE IT SCALE Danny Fenton finally maidens the Chipmunk and fashions a Piper Cub from a sheet of 1/16th WIZARD OF OZ More on getting the best from your Walbro carbs JET THRUST A busy Bob Petrie adds to his collection, fits a smoke system and heads for Raydon RETRO RAMBLINGS Shaun Garrity highlights a forgotten Phil Smith design WEEKENDERS Whittaker feels the lure of the lathe and does a little breaking and entering REGULARS SWITCH ON Pylon Nats results, Indoor FPV and more COUNTERPOINT A selection of the best new releases ALL WRITE Have your say in the UK's best-selling model flying mag! GOING PLACES Indoor flying and swapmeets; the winter diary is filling MARKETPLACE Sell it fast with our FREE reader ad's NEXT ISSUE Why not subscribe? FEATURES EASA, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Dave Burton unravels EASA's recent announcement BIG FUN AT LITTLE GRANSDEN Whittaker samples the atmosphere at a distinctively different fly-in for warbird fanciers SUBSCRIBE! . . .
RCME Staff  |  Sep 28, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER The Samurai had their swords, but the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Air Services had the Zero. Of necessity, in a country with few mineral resources, the Japanese had long since made themselves masters of metal alloys, and so the Zero’s wing main spar used Extra- Super Duralumin, whose tensile strength was reportedly 30-40% greater than previous alloys. It was this which, in part, gave the Zero a 650lb weight advantage over the Spitfire I – lightness that gave the impression of weakness in what was actually a very strong structure FREE PRO PLAN MITSUBISHI A6-M2 ZERO Tony Nijhuis models Jiro Horikoshi’s lightweight and deadly rapier, the Japanese fighter that put performance before everything else REVIEWS BUCKER BU133 JUNGMEISTER A review with a twist: Graham Ashby uses Seagull’s 1/4-scale Jungmeister to show the way to true RC Utopia HAI 2 David Ashby reaches a new, erm. .
RCME Staff  |  Sep 02, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Arguably the Fairey Fantome certainly matched the Hawker Fury when it came to sleek lines, yet it was never to see mass production. Owned and flown by Jamie Cuff and designed and built by Alan Brown's to 1/6-scale, you can find out about this evocative model starting on page 110 FREE PRO-PLAN GHOST RIDER 38 Shaun Garrity is back to revive a fine flying Boddo classic. Perfect for three- channel R/C, why not do something a bit different and fit a 2. 4GHz Galloping Ghost set-up? HANGAR MONKEY Mike Bell designed and flew this pretty retro-style sportster some ten years ago so, thoroughly tested, we thought it was time you had the plan COLUMNS WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch finds out why Walbro carbs have been so successful ON SILENT WINGS Finding time to re-maiden his B-52, Simon Cocker takes issue with some errant carbon WEEKENDERS Whittaker examines a classic engine, new trad’ kits and solves the meaning of life BENCH BLOG Tim Hooper resurrects a neglected motor glider, builds a Tiger tank and sorts the Citabria's struts ON THE EDGE With a huge sigh of relief, Andy Ellison finally gets some air under the mighty DG-600's wings REGULARS SWITCH ON A new fun flyer from Ripmax, M&R at 21 and a ‘heads up’ for the World F4 Champs COUNTERPOINT More of life's ‘essentials’ ALL WRITE Over to you.
RCME Staff  |  Jul 25, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Designed and built by Richard Rawle and flown with Steve Holland, this, one of a pair of 30% Stearmans, has been a show favourite for several years now thanks especially to their animated R/C daredevils. The girls (who have their own website and Facebook page) entertained the large crowd at this year's excellent Cosford large model show and there's a full round-up starting on page 24 FREE PRO-PLANS SLEEKER A great way of converting those spare bits of balsa, this easy-build, compact sportster from 1968 adapts well to contemporary refinements SUPER MARAUDER Peter Miller is back with a superb, easy- flying aerobatic sportster. We guarantee that just one glance at that lovely retro styling will have you clearing the building board! COLUMNS MAKE IT SCALE Danny Fenton looks through the Piper Aztec's windows before carving a prop for the Chipmunk WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch on what makes an O. S.
RCME Staff  |  Jun 29, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER This'll have you reaching for your warbird encyclopedia. Still not sure? Well, Mark Roberts’ Finnish Fokker is a welcome addition to the UK's warbird circuit and you can see more of this superb D. XXI starting on page 118 FREE PRO-PLANS P. 1174 Shaun Garrity brings an unusual, easy- build single-channel delta bang up to date TUBULENT Roll out the Depron! Cyril Carr's sweet little Turb’ is just what your local park was cultivated for COLUMNS JET THRUST Bob Petrie bags another classified bargain and gets along to the Nye Jets Kero Burn meet BENCH BLOG Tim Hooper brings an update to the Tiger Moth and Citabria projects WEEKENDERS Whittaker larks around before firing up the lathe ON SILENT WINGS Simon Cocker finds his Mini Me and reports from the first Middle Wallop aerotow event of the year REGULARS SWITCH ON Dropping into Turkey and France - all the latest R/C flying news from far and wide COUNTERPOINT More overdraft max'ing goodies ALL WRITE Over to you.
RCME Staff  |  Jun 13, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER We could have put a big warbird on the cover but we’ve been entranced by Ares’ exceedingly pretty little micro Fokker D. VII so that’s what you’re looking at. Just turn to page 96 to see what reviewer Tim Kearsley thought when he opened the box and took it for a spin. FREE PRO-PLANS OWLET Lindsay Todd presents his fine interpretation of General Aviation’s distinctive yet little-known trainer X-KRAFT Shaun Garrity updates an unusual, easy-build, retro sportster from his single-channel archives COLUMNS ON THE EDGE Highlighting a new slope wing, a DG600 update and the best school in the world MAKE IT SCALE Taking a break from rivet counting, Danny Fenton breaks open the dope and tissue paste WIZARD OF OZ The inner workings of a Saito petrol fuel system WEEKENDERS Whittaker ponders the hobby’s essential little rituals REGULARS COUNTERPOINT Your next model? PILOTS’ PICTORIAL Highlighting your projects SWITCH ON Bringing you up to date with all the latest R/C flying news ALL WRITE Have your say in the UK’s best-selling model flying mag! GOING PLACES Get out there! MARKETPLACE RCM&E’s FREE reader ad’ service NEXT ISSUE.
RCME Staff  |  May 09, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Foam it is, yet there’s no denying that E-flite’s P2 Prometheus is a very attractive drop of aerobatic biplane. Pop across to page 119 and we’ll tell you how it flies. . .
RCME Staff  |  Apr 04, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Powered by two 120-size gas turbines and weighing a healthy 97lb (44kg), Ted Allison’s huge English Electric Lightning is as impressive as the full size. It was one of the show-stoppers at Elvington 2015 and you can see our round-up of all the action starting on page 18. Photo: Alex Whittaker FREE PRO-PLANS WEEK-ENDER Shaun Garrity re-visits an easy-build, single-channel design from 1966 that’s perfect for an inexpensive, 3-channel electric power set-up BATTY Why not fly in the dark with Lindsay Todd’s distractively different sportster REGULARS SWITCH ON COUNTERPOINT PILOTS’ PICTORIAL GOING PLACES ALL WRITE MARKETPLACE NEXT ISSUE REVIEWS DUO DISCUS Simon Cocker steps out with a very affordable 4m span semi-scale offering from FlyFly WILGA Black Horse’s new 1. 7m (56”) span semi-scale sportster MACH 25 David Ashby holds on tight to Blade’s FPV racer A TALE OF TWO SHOCKIES Two indoor, park-fly aerobats go head to head, surely shock flyers are all the same aren’t they? F4U-4 CORSAIR E-flite’s new 1.
RCME Staff  |  Feb 29, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Often confused for the aircraft Charles Lindberg made famous, Ryan’s Brougham mini airliner is another of those evocative Golden Age machines that model so well. This is Martin Fardell’s ne scratch-built example that flew at the 2015 National Model Flying Championships and worth close inspection on page 120 Photo: Alex Whittaker FREE PRO-PLAN SONNY 1500 If your model flying awareness started in the 1960s then, chances are, you built and ew a Sonny - Graupner’s little free flight glider. Ton Van Munsteren certainly did and if you fancy returning to the simple pleasures then his enlarged, easily- built, 2-channel update is just the ticket REGULARS SWITCH ON COUNTERPOINT PILOTS’ PICTORIAL ALL WRITE GOING PLACES MARKETPLACE NEXT ISSUE. .
RCME Staff  |  Feb 01, 2016  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Sometimes a scale model comes along that stops you in your tracks and Derrick Lane’s Fieseler Storch is one such. Saying the 93” span, Laser- powered facsimile is detailed would be to understate what Derrick has achieved. Just turn to page 106 and see for yourself. Photo: Alex Whittaker FREE PRO-PLAN VECTOR Fancy something a little different that’s inexpensive, easy to build and flies well? Pete Collins’ unorthodox sportster should turn a few heads and you’ll find the plan inside this month’s issue.


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