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David Ashby  |  May 05, 2014  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Development of R/C aerobatic aircraft doesn’t pause for breath with Quique Somenzini Inverza 33 design for Hangar 9 being one of the most impressive freestyle models we’ve seen thanks to a light airframe, oh, and a darn fine scheme. Steve Sales takes a closer look inside. REVIEWS INVERZA 33 - Steve Sales put’s Hangar 9’s big petrol aerobat through its paces. SAVAGE CRUISER - A Cub-inspired prettiness overload from Seagull SIGMA TWIN - Twin charging nirvana? FG-33R3 - Saito’s three-cylinder petrol ARTIZAN - Mike Williams flies Parkzone’s Foam-e Wot basher FREE PRO-PLAN TIGER CUB - Peter Miller check’s in with a twin! REGULARS SWITCH ON - Barkston blues, recall news and lots more COUNTERPOINT - The latest model flying desirables for your felicitation ALL WRITE - Have your say in the UK’s best selling model flying mag! GOING PLACES - …and don’t forget our Greenacres fly-in on your travels R/C MARKETPLACE - Step 1, sell unwanted models fast, Step 2, buy new models fast FEATURES MODEL MAGIC - Spitfire! Malcolm Harle’s MK.
David Ashby  |  Apr 06, 2014  |  0 comments
REVIEWS LIBELLE - Andy Ellison tests the little glider designed to bring affordable DLG to the masses TARANIS – PT. 2 - Chris Bott explores telemetry capabilities and unveils a little electronics project YAK 54 - E-flite have revised their impressive aerobat, added AS3X and let David Ashby loose with it BF-109F-2 - The first Axis warbird from Hangar-9 FREE PRO-PLAN BRONCO - Cyril Carr models North American’s unusual twin. Click here for Cyril's build pics REGULARS SWITCH ON - Lots of news including a new club, Mr Machinchy’s travels, new model businesses and the return of Keil Kraft COUNTERPOINT - Broken your new model? Try these for size ALL WRITE - Have your say in the UK’s best-selling model flying mag! GOING PLACES - What’s on across the land through April and May R/C MARKETPLACE - Things sell and fast too with our FREE reader ads! FEATURES MILITARY SCALE - Whittaker pops across the Pennines for an early Spring warbird fix SUBSCRIBE…and we’ll send you a FREE soldering iron, yep, really! HOVERING ABOUT - Sage advice regarding heli switch settings, idle-up and keeping it all in one piece YOUR TURN - TIPSY JUNIOR - Dave Richardson takes us back to a hidden jewel in the emerging post war sport aviation market MAN OF THE CLOTH - Frightened of glass covering? Danny Fenton shows how it’s done GOING GLOW - Fuel, lubrication, plugs and engine selection - Steve Hargreaves has it all covered in his guide to i. c.
David Ashby  |  Mar 07, 2014  |  0 comments
RCM&E's April 2014 issue goes on sale 14 March. It's another bumper 132-page issue! ON THE COVER The outbreak of the first world war heralded a whole new era in aviation, one that forever changed our understanding of aerodynamics and the role of the aeroplane. In this month's What Goes Up Dave Burton pauses his journey through time to consider what happened between 1914 and 1918. REVIEWS TARANIS Pt.
David Ashby  |  Feb 10, 2014  |  0 comments
The March 2014 issue is packed to bursting with good things including another fine Peter Miller plan! ON THE COVER Steve and Matt Bishop have performed their Red Arrows Hawk routine to appreciative crowds the world over but nothing quite prepared them for the calibre of their audience at Dunsfold’s Wings & Wheels airshow. Read all about it inside. REGULARS SWITCH ON Our regular news round-up of the latest happenings from the world of model flying COUNTERPOINT Kits and bits and other desirables ALL WRITE Get it off your chest and tell the world in the UK’s best-selling R/C model flying magazine! GOING PLACES With spring just around the corner it’s high time you checked our comprehensive events listing R/C MARKETPLACE With a new flying season almost upon us you’ll either be looking to buy a new model or you’ll need to clear some space. Either way, this is your vehicle REVIEWS DUET HobbyZone’s ‘teach yourself’ trainer takes Annette Douglas back to basics AS3XTRA E-flite’s indoor gyro-stabilised ‘model of the moment’ AEROFLY RC7 Ikarus is back with another big sim, but this time at a sensible price! JOKER II David Ashby chills with Hacker’s low-tech motor soarer SWIFT S-1 EP Bolting an outrunner to a scale glider is sacrilege, surely? Mike Freeman begs to differ.
David Ashby  |  Jan 11, 2014  |  0 comments
February's packed issue is full of good reading, great features and reviews! Dig in! ON THE COVER In the year that marks the centenary of the Great War there’s sure to be raised awareness of the conflict and the Dawn Patrol is determined to do its bit. Matt Harrowven’s faithfully reproduced Fokker D. VI is a prime example of what we can expect and there's more in our big feature article! FREE PRO-PLAN MICRO WARBIRDS Ton Van Munsteren is back with a pair of quick and easy-build park flyers! REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest news from the R/C flying world COUNTERPOINT Lift those new-year blues with a little retail therapy ALL WRITE Go on, have your say in the UK’s best-selling R/C flying mag! GOING PLACES A bumper spread of events to keep you busy during the chilly season R/C MARKETPLACE Things sell fast with our FREE reader ads! REVIEWS DO 27 Chris Bott goes on safari with Staufenbiel’s ready-to-fly Dornier R/C GLOVES Warm hands, better flying? AURORA 9X Hitec’s revised touch-screen radio BLADE 180 QX HD The popular quad gains a video camera YAK 54 180 Josh Stenhouse ups the aerobatic ante with E-flite’s ultra micro 3D’er O. S.
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In the shops 13th December, RCM&E kicks off 2014 with a packed issue and a contest-winning pull-out plan design! Ellipse is the fun flyer from 2013 Nationals winner Martin Bell and it's distinctly different too! Also this month: ON THE COVER You’ll struggle to find a better Tiger Moth than Derrick Lane’s 1/5th-scale masterpiece and the pictures on page 57 will do the talking. REGULARS SWITCH ON Zlin think small, Stan speaks and all the latest news COUNTERPOINT Step one: leave page open for your better half to find in the Xmas run up ALL WRITE Go on, get it off your chest! GOING PLACES Chock full of indoor sessions, it’s a busy start to 2014 R/C MARKETPLACE Shift those unwanted Xmas prezzies quick! REVIEWS SPIRIT EVO Staufenbiel’s slender multi-purpose motor glider DELTA RAY A twin-prop entry-level delta trainer? Really? CHRISTEN EAGLE The prettiest of bipes commands Seagull’s attention MEHARI The ARTF version of the best aerobat you’ve never heard of FREE PRO-PLAN ELLIPSE Martin Bell, 2013 Nats Fun Fly champ’, presents his distinctively unique, competition-proven sportster. See pic! COLUMNS FLY ELECTRIC Nigel Hawes expands his squadron with another electric-powered classic of yesteryear TOTALLY TRADITIONAL Pete Lowe reports on trad’ build happenings from his champagne-laden workshop ON SILENT WINGS Simon Cocker rounds up some end-of-season slope side action WEEKENDERS Whittaker celebrates the consolations of being a duffer MAKE IT SCALE Danny Fenton bites the bullet and makes light of a dreaded mould-making job FEATURES WARBIRD REMEMBERANCE The Liverpool and District MAS’s impressive late-season turnout MOLLECULAR MOJO Dave Robert’s visits Deluxe Materials to find out what makes ‘em stick SUBSCRIBE! …and we’ll send you a FREE R/C flight sim YOUR TURN! Derrick Lane’s meticulously observed Tiggie MAKING SENSE OF…. …Covering materials.
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On sale 15 Nov, RCM&E's December 2013 issue is packed with good reading, more free instrument panel dials and a fantastic easy-build pull-out plan from top designer Nigel Hawes! ON THE COVER Some of our most successful plans are those that can be built in double-quick time, at minimal cost, yet provide maximum enjoyment at the flying field. Can-Doo, our FREE plan this month, offers all of these things, and more! More instrument panel dials too! FREE PRO PLAN CAN-DOO Nigel Hawes returns with a cheap, simple to build, out-of-the-rut sportster! REGULARS SWITCH ON Mass Builds, mass passes and a new British record! COUNTERPOINT Kits, bits and other desirables heading your way ALL WRITE Have your say in the UK’s best selling model flying mag! GOING PLACES Check out our full winter listing R/C MARKETPLACE Sell it quick with our FREE reader ads! REVIEWS HISPEED Speed by nature? SMART Annette Douglas flies Dynam’s new aerobatic trainer RIGHT PAIR A pair of affordable pocket quads surprises David Ashby MADNESS Rob Stenhouse grooves with Seagull’s new semi-scale racer EPISODE A shiny new F3A competition aerobat proves too much temptation for Mike Williams FEATURES NATIONAL TREASURE Our photo report from this year’s National Model Flying Championships SUBSCRIBE…. …and grab a FREE Ethos QX75 quadcopter! MODEL MAGIC Highlighting John Carpenter’s golden era sportster HOUSE OF HOTSHOTS Shaheed Banglawala’s gets in a right spin SOLDERING ON Brian Winch turns up the heat and brings copper braid to the party MAKING SENSE OF… . .
David Ashby  |  Oct 14, 2013  |  0 comments
RCM&E's November 2013 issue is on sale 18th October and with subscribers beforehand. It's another packed issue full of good reading! FREE! Instrument panel dials with every issue! ON THE COVER Jim Reeves’ wonderful 1/3rd scale electric powered Bristol cruises past during the August Scale National Championships at RAF Barkston Heath. The weather delivered, the scale maestros didn’t disappoint and you’ll find a full report inside. FREE PRO-PLAN AVRO 707 EDF nut Cyril Carr is back with a new design based on the Vulcan’s delta forerunner.
David Ashby  |  Sep 16, 2013  |  0 comments
Hurrah! It's RCM&E's 2013 Special Issue packed with tutorials and great reading! ON THE COVER Eschewing the usual ‘D’ variant, Tony Nijhuis went for the earlier mark for this year’s warbird project and good thing too. It flies as good as it looks and you’ll find the plans with this very issue. REVIEWS XTREME The biggest WOT of the lot INVERZA E-flite's pint-size, 'soon to be scale' aerobat SCOUT Proof that you can't keep a good foamy aerobat down P-51D Hangar 9's practical, everyday warbird COMPETITION TIME P-51B Win just about everything you need to build your Nijhuis P-51B except the glue! R/C TUTORIALS MULTI-ROTOR MANIA Shaheed Banglawala talks quads, y-frames and film schedules ON THE MAKE Bespoke hardware is just a few simple steps away GOOD TO GO? Good things to do before that maiden flight CANNED HEAT Nigel Hawes thinks there's still life in the old brushed motor! LOADING QUESTION Quite simply, all you need to know about wing loading F. .
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RCM&E's all-new October 2013 issue goes on sale 23 August and is arriving with subscribers already. This month's free plan is Lindsay Todd's wonderful 48" span Skywriter bipe! ON THE COVER Composite ARF’s 110” span Corsair hitched to Moki’s 5-cylinder radial is a combination we’ll never tire of seeing and two of them make a very special display. At Cosford (page 12) we got both and what a gorgeous sight (and sound) it was. Dave Pearson and Trevor Woods were the pilots and no.
David Ashby  |  Jul 21, 2013  |  0 comments
RCM&E's new September 2013 issue is packed full of good things, not least the plan for Tim Hooper's latest design, an incredibly sweet Citabria Pro. Our new Jet column starts this month too! ON THE COVER Chris Burkett and Mike Williams are aerobatic pilots at the top of their game and, understandably, they both have an affection for the Extra 300 series. We meet them on a Sunny airfield in Kent and ask them to compare like-for-like. FREE PRO-PLAN CITABRIA PRO Tim Hooper is back with a delightfully pretty 1/8-scale electric version of the classic ‘60s aerobat.
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The new August 2013 issue is arriving with subscribers and will be in the shops soon. It's another packed issue with two full-size free plans too! REGULARS SWITCH ON Keep abreast of the news with the our latest R/C round-up COUNTERPOINT Another swathe of new products flying into a hobby shop near you ALL WRITE Go on, have your say in Britain’s best-selling R/C model flying magazine GOING PLACES Make the most of the summer with our comprehensive events listing R/C MARKETPLACE Don’t miss our latest selection of FREE readers’ ads REVIEWS CASSUTT The little racer with a large presence. Seagull’s latest gives Liam Swarbrick a thirst for speed HITEC H4 We test the charger with more bling than you can shake a balance board at! BLEJZYK IGI Andy Ellison runs up the hill with a semi-slippery sport sloper TIGER MOTH Thanks to Ares’ new nano-micro model, finding a suitable indoor venue has just got a whole lot easier! SUPER CUB Simon Cocker electrifies Hangar 9’s delightful PA-18 COLUMNS ON THE EDGE Desperate for an outdoor fix, Andy Ellison chases a brisk south-westerly WEEKENDERS Alex Whittaker too throws caution to the wind FLY ELECTRIC Continuing his retro crusade, Nigel Hawes unearths yet another an MFA Islander. Is there no stopping the man? MAKE IT SCALE 10,000 blobs of glue in close formation? Danny Fenton must be adding surface detail FEATURES THE NORTH WIND DOTH BLOW.
David Ashby  |  May 25, 2013  |  0 comments
RCM&E's new July 2013 issue is now arriving with subscribers and will be in the shops 31 May. ON THE COVER Looking every bit the rugged observation platform that it was, Graeme Illsley’s Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher is captured on finals at the recent Wittering warbird event hosted by the RAF Model Aircraft Association. REGULARS SWITCH ON A thorough round-up along with news of the monthly highlights from RCM&E’s online home COUNTERPOINT Trust us, a little retail therapy is good for you. No, really! ALL WRITE Go on, have your say in Britain best-selling R/C model flying mag! GOING PLACES Keep abreast of the shows with our comprehensive events listing NEXT ISSUE The ed breaks ranks and travels north, Peter Miller presents his latest aerobatic sportster R/C MARKETPLACE Shift it quick with our FREE readers’ ads REVIEWS SOLIUS Steve Sales soars with the first of Multiplex’ 2013 releases YAK 54 Yak’s, Extra’s and Sukhois are frequently modelled R/C subjects, yet few are as true to scale as Dymond’s latest AIROPULT Brian Winch investigates a simple, effective and safe model restraint NGH 38 An affordable petrol four-stroke! What’s not to like? GLASAIR SPORTSMAN HobbyZone’s latest may just be the best lone-hand trainer money can buy VANQUISH Andy Ellison traces some patterns with Extreme Flight’s 2m slick ship FREE PRO-PLAN DAWN FLYER Lindsay Todd’s latticework lightweight summons the spirit of aviation’s pioneering age.
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RCM&E's new June 2013 issue goes on sale 3rd May and will be with subscribers very soon. You'll find not one, but two, free plans between the pages this month and, as usual, it's a packed 132-page issue full of good reading. ON THE COVER Hangar 9 has just done something we wish a few more ARTF manufacturers would do. Bucking the Edge / Extra trend, they’ve produced a good ‘ol traditional low-wing sportster that packs plenty of character.
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RCM&E's new May 2013 issue is arriving with subscribers and you'll find it in the shops from 5th April. Full of good reading, it's another packed 132-page issue and this month's pull-out plan is Tim Hooper's Clean Sweep 60! The 60" span verson of his popular t-tail sportster. Click on the link for Tim's forum build blog and chat. ON THE COVER E-flite’s Splendor may not be the cheapest foamie on the market but it’s arguably the most sophisticated and what it loses in longevity it more than makes up for in performance.