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David Ashby  |  Jan 12, 2012  |  0 comments
The fab February 2012 issue of RCM&E has just left the printers and will be with subscribers soon. The new year and Christmas break led to a few production hiccups this year which, we're told, means copies won't get to the shops until around 19th January. Our sincere apologies to readers for this delay. FREE PRO PLANS TABOO Need a winter-warming adrenaline rush? Then get cracking with Mike Freeman’s quick-ship (pictured below).
David Ashby  |  Dec 09, 2011  |  0 comments
We've a great issue in store for January 2012 with up to the minute reviews, columns, features and a great FREE plan in the form of Tim Hooper's Clean Sweep (pictured below) sport racer! PRO-PLAN CLEAN SWEEP Tim Hooper’s back with his superb, 47” span, pylon racer-inspired sporster, just the ticket for that inexpensive 3S based power system. Click here for Tim's build blog! ON THE COVER Mike Williams puts Precision Aerobatics’ new Addiction X through its paces. The majority of new aerobatic ‘3D’ releases turn out to be freestyle machines in the flesh making pure 3D machines something of a rarity. You can see what Mike thought of this one on page 124.
David Ashby  |  Nov 10, 2011  |  0 comments
The new 140-page December 2011 issue of RCM&E will be with subscribers very soon and in the shops from around the 18th November. It's another great feature packed issue with this month's free plan the unusual yet highly attractive LS60 from Peter Miller - a great semi-scale design. FREE PRO-PLAN LEGRANDE-SIMON LS 60 Peter Miller models a characterful French prototype of the fifties, complete with slats, flaps and STOL performance. Check out Peter's build blog in the forum.
David Ashby  |  Oct 14, 2011  |  0 comments
The new November 2011 issue of RCM&E spans another fantastic 140 pages and includes the Hawker Cygnet wing plan along with the Mini Tyro! PRO PLANS MINI TYRO Andrew Boddington pays homage to his late, great aeromodelling father with a classic ‘Boddo’ design. HAWKER CYGNET Turn the Mini Tyro plan over and you’ll find the wings to finish Tim Hooper’s delightful biplane, featured in our October issue REVIEWS WHAT NEXT? Three popular follow-on low-wingers slug it out in a civilised head-to-head TIGER MOTH Art-Tech has gone to town on its new park flyer, but can it really fly as well as it looks? E-RIX 450 Out of the box and into a tick-tock? Martin Stonestreet’s quickly on the case with Jamara’s new RTF 3D helicopter SUNDOWNER 36 If you like your models smooth and fast, Hangar 9’s appealing pylon racer could be just the ticket L4 GRASSHOPPER At 55” span and festooned with scale detail, Top Gun’s pretty Cub variant is guaranteed to appeal ZLIN Z50 Lee Smalley fulfils a dream at the controls of Seagull Models’ tasty Czech aerobat ON THE COVER It’s a Fly Baby, Jim, but not as we know it! Bert van Eijk’s gorgeous Dutch variant of the Bowers bipe really turned some heads at this years Scale Nats. See out full report on page 12. Photo: Alex Whittaker REGULARS SWITCH ON Another comprehensive round up of the latest R/C news COUNTERPOINT More tempting kit to tickle your fancy ALL WRITE Have your say in the UK’s best-selling R/C model flying mag GOING PLACES Autumn’s here and that can only mean one thing – the return of swapmeets and indoor sessions! R/C MARKETPLACE Free readers’ ads vie for your attention – check ‘em out, or miss out! NEXT ISSUE Goodies galore in the December issue.
David Ashby  |  Sep 19, 2011  |  0 comments
RCM&E's 2011 Special Issue will be on sale 23rd Sept and with subscribers before this. Once again, we've packed it with big tutorials along with two FREE plans and accompanying feature articles. First up you'll find the plan sheets and build article for Tony Nijhuis' superb FW-190 while Dave Royds presents his cute little WW1 dogfighting pair that can be built using either Depron, EPP foam or balsa. They're perfect to fly inside large halls and when it's calm outdoors TESTING, TESTING! SHOESTRING Great Planes’ pretty, point’n’shoot racer F-27Q STRYKER 180 Is Parkzone’s new ultra micro their cleverest yet? LEADER 480 Flying the lines with E-flite’s retro aerobat PLAN FEATURES FW-190A It’s the model you asked for! Tony Nijhuis turns his attention to the legendary Butcher Bird and we think he’s produced his best warbird yet.
David Ashby  |  Aug 23, 2011  |  0 comments
RCM&E's new October 2011 issue will be on sale 26th August and is arriving with subscribers now. It's a massive 148-page issue packed with features and reviews! PRO-PLAN HAWKER CYGNET Tim Hooper takes us back to the twenties with his gorgeous version of Sydney Camm’s civvy bipe ON THE COVER You can’t beat a big warbird and they don’t come much bigger than Hawker’s imposing Sea Fury. Similarly, models are rarely more representative than Trevor Wood’s awe-inspiring 1/4-scale replica. Read all about it in the issue.
David Ashby  |  Jul 25, 2011  |  0 comments
The new September 2011 issue of RCM&E will be on sale 29th July and with subscribers before this. It's another great 140-page issue and with two free plans too! FREE PRO-PLAN GAMINE Andy Brough prototypes an almost-forgotten old-timer, the last from the Vic Smeed collection FIRST STEP New to the hobby? Then this one’s for you! Ton Van Munsteren’s simple design is for first-time builders! REVIEWS F-27Q STRYKER Cutting loose with Parkzone’s revamped delta AEROFLY 5 Simon Cocker pulls up a chair to sample the delights of Ikarus’ latest flight sim’ MX-16 Mike Williams samples Graupner’s HOTT new radio MX2 Can Century’s latest foamie aerobat give the Carbon-Z Yak a run for its money? David Ashby investigates… PIPER CHEROKEE Rob Stenhouse flies Seagull’s new and very pretty semi-scaler REGULARS SWITCH ON A round-up of all the latest model flying news COUTERPOINT Great stuff, incoming! GOING PLACES Fancy a nice day out? Need a few suggestions? ALL WRITE Have your say in the UK’s best selling R/C mag R/C MARKETPLACE Things sell fast with our FREE reader ad’s! FEATURES MIX AND MATCH In a windswept corner of Kent, Shahid Banglawala reports from the recent F3A World Cup and SebArt Trophy comps MOCKING UP A MERC Paul Blakeborough moulds his way to a dummy WW1 Mercedes engine SUMMER SPECTACULAR Great weather and a bumper turnout ensured that this year’s RCM&E summer fly-in was one to remember RIVERTING STUFF PT. 2 Tony Nijhuis continues his look at surface detail replication CLUBMANS DELIGHT Local shows provide superb entertainment and unbeatable value, as Alex Whittaker discovers THE WAY WE WERE Pete Norrington reflects on an issue from the millennium year QUICK FIX Examining a fine T-Rex 500 conversio COLUMNS WEEKENDERS Whittaker highlights an innovative multi-copter. .
David Ashby  |  Jun 28, 2011  |  0 comments
The August 2011 issue of RCM&E goes on sale 1st July and should be with subscribers before then. It's another packed 140-page issue and, as promised, will include a complete reprint of last month's Fournier plan that, as many readers have noticed, was printed incorrectly. FREE PRO PLAN AGRITUG Chris Reid’s characterful, easy-build, semi-scaler is a worthy home for inexpensive running gear, extra build photos are here REVIEWS P-51B - PT. 2 Lee Smalley concludes his review of YT’s big Mustang with an extended flying report A6M ZERO Jamara’s EPO take on Japan’s most famous warbird VORTEX Can Century’s diminutive EDF sport-jet really punch holes in the sky? MXS Slipstream’s stunningly pretty 72” span aerobat gets an electric conversion ADVANCE 25E E-flite’s low wing aerobat has more than a hint of Pulse about it as David Ashby is delighted to discover WIND S 50E Whether club flyer or F3A fanatic, SebArt’s new pattern ship is sure to impress REGULARS SWITCH ON A pot-pourri of news and happenings with just a hint of sulphur and soapbox COUNTERPOINT Another bristling selection of great new things to buy, try and fly ALL WRITE Tales from New Zealand, adverse yaw and ‘disaster by dog’; all subjects covered in our readers’ letters section GOING PLACES Where to go, why to go there, and when - it’s all here R/C MARKETPLACE Check out our monthly treasure trove of bits, bobs and bargains FEATURES MODEL MAGIC Alex Whittaker talks to Mark Hinton on what it takes to build and fly the impressive Airworld Cougar BOWDEN 2011 Alex Whittaker reports from the ‘Carnival of Crashes’ SUBSCRIBE… …and grab yourself a FREE RC Flight Master sim! THE WAY WE WERE Kevin Crozier turns the clock back to July 1976 RADIO DAZE - PT.
David Ashby  |  May 27, 2011  |  0 comments
At 148 pages,ther July issue is one of our biggest ever and once again it's packed full of news, views, features and reviews. It's on sale 3rd June and includes Peter Miller's fine Fournier RF-4 plan! COLUMNS TOTALLY TRADITIONAL Selection process complete, Pete Lowe settles on his next big build WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch discusses the finer points of ushering fuel into a model engine FLY ELECTRIC Embarking on another triple review, Nigel Hawes uncovers some interesting innovations WEEKENDERS Alex Whittaker goes 80 rounds in the Rascal team race and ends up floored! ON THE EDGE From a British-designed moulded F3F racer to lead sleds, Andy Ellison's got plenty to report REVIEWS TURBO RAVEN They don’t get much racier than Seagull’s new bird ELF MINI DLG Andy Ellison delights in the performance of Vladimir’s Models lightweight mini discus-launch glider AR DRONE The quadracopter you can fly outdoors with your iPhone P-51B YT’s sport-scale Cadillac goes under the spotlight BEAN Take a trip back in time with PB Models’ reborn sportster DX8 Spektrum’s new eight-channel system, reviewed from an entirely practical perspective REGULARS SWITCH ON Catch up on the latest happenings in the world of R/C flying COUNTERPOINT Another bountiful selection of tasty kits and equipment GOING PLACES With the weather hotting up, so too is the show season. Don’t miss out! ALL WRITE Readers’ have their say in Britain’s best-selling model flying mag! R/C MARKETPLACE Sell it fast with our FREE readers’ ads FEATURES BURY’S BIGGIE Alex Whittaker travels coast-to-coast to savour Rougham’s season starter WHAT GOES UP Flaps are an integral feature on many models these days but what exactly do they do? SUBSCRIBE… …And bag a FREE aluminium transmitter case! RADIO DAZE With 2. 4GHz now firmly established, we examine the field and bust a few myths AIRCRAFT DESCRIBED Dave Roberts charts the life and times of Rene Fournier’s most graceful creation FREE PRO-PLAN FOURNIER RF-4 Peter Miller returns with his delightful take on the classic motor glider.
David Ashby  |  Apr 29, 2011  |  0 comments
We've another great 140-page issue in store for June 2011 with not one, but two FREE plans - a DH Mosquito and a Sopwith Pup! As usual, subscribers should be getting their copy shortly before 6th May when this issue appears in the shops. COLUMNS WEEKENDERS Whittaker bends the TT40 and hones in on a replacement FLY ELECTRIC Ever busy, Nigel puts the Panther to bed and embarks on a brace of new projects ROTORSPORT Heli maiden coming up? Martin Stonestreet has the checklist REVIEWS MINIMOA Rob Stenhouse chills with Art-Tech’s vintage gull-winger YAK MASTER EPP Colin Fretwell decides it’s time to hone his 3D skills with Jamara’s resilient shocky COCKPIT SX David Ashby samples some 'Action' with Multiplex’s revised entry-level 2. 4GHz radio system POWAWALKER Long way to the patch? You need one of these RYAN NAVION Seeking something a little different? Steve Sales looks at Seagull’s appealing sport-scale low-winger P-51 MUSTANG E-flite bring the rarely modelled ‘B’ to the electric ARTF genre REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest model flying news from near and far COUNTERPOINT More tempting goodies soon arriving at a retailer near you GOING PLACES There’s plenty happening this Spring so check out our event listing and make the most of it! ALL WRITE Have your say in Britain’s best-selling model flying mag' R/C MARKETPLACE Things sell fast with our FREE reader ads WORKSHOP DB SE5 With the flying surfaces resplendent, Graham Ashby reports from the workshop FREE PRO PLANS DH MOSQUITO (pictured) Why not sample some classic warbird action with De Havilland’s wooden wonder, courtesy of Rob Caso. CNC parts and wood completion pack for the model can be ordered here.
David Ashby  |  Apr 04, 2011  |  0 comments
The new May 2011 issue of RCM&E is on sale 8th April and should be with subscribers beforehand. It's another big 140-page issue full of good reading and a very fine plan in the form of Tim Hooper's lovely Airspeed Courier. COLUMNS WEEKENDERS Whittaker delves into the paranormal and saves his model from a nasty crash TOTALLY TRADITIONAL Spring sees the Lowe workshop alive with new projects WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch dishes up another dollop of engine nous FLY ELECTRIC Nigel Hawes puts the finishing touches to his Fokker then turns to an interesting EDF package REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest R/C news from here there and everywhere COUNTERPOINT More great new products heading your way ALL WRITE Have your say in Britain’s biggest andbest-selling R/C magazine GOING PLACES Looking to get out and about this spring? Then you’ll need to know what’s on R/C MARKETPLACE Sell it quick with our FREE readers’ ads! REVIEWS DH MOSQUITO ParkZone’s first Ultra Micro twin may be exceedingly pretty, but is it a practical indoor flyer? FCX-6 Jamara has always embraced innovation, a fact that’s evident with its new budget radio system HYPER AVA PRO Andy Ellison blows the budget on a long-lusted powered glider J-3 CUB Art-Tech’s park-fly Piper is nothing short of a peach CESSNA 182 (front cover) Everyone loves a Cessna yet, oddly, few of us actually own one. Colin McGinn looks at Phoenix's offering FEATURES WHAT GOES UP David Burton examines how events conspire to create the classic stall PLEASURE DOME Manchester’s cycle velodrome makes a top indoor flying venue andAlex Whittaker was there SUBSCRIBE… …and get a FREE R/C flight-box MAKE IT SCALE Decals and weathering can make an average scale model into a cracker.
David Ashby  |  Mar 05, 2011  |  0 comments
The new April 2011 issue of RCM&E is on sale 11th March and it's another bumper 140-page issue! This month's contents includes. . . .
David Ashby  |  Feb 08, 2011  |  0 comments
The new March 2011 issue of RCM&E is on sale 11th February and it's another bumper 140-page issue! REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest news from near and far including the results of our 2010 Hobby Awards! COUNTERPOINT Hot from the factory, we’ve some desirable new items to tempt ALL WRITE Have your say in Britain’s best selling R/C flying magazine GOING PLACES Dates for your diary R/C MARKETPLACE Things sell very fast with our FREE reader ads! NEXT ISSUE Check out our report from Nuremburg where we highlight all the new products you’ll be seeing in 2011! COLUMNS TOTALLY TRADITIONAL Pete Lowe finally completes his P-47 and updates Janet's DVII build FLY ELECTRIC Nigel Hawes flies the S-POU! and returns to the Fokker DVIII WEEKENDERS Rumbled by the committee, out manoeuvred by the chairman and abandoned by Parry… Whittaker lives his worst nightmare 99 WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch lights the spark ignition fire before settling down with a pair of knitting needles. . . WORKSHOP 128 DB SE5 Graham Ashby’s been hard at it and returns with a progress update REVIEWS 42 HARVARD 120 Colin Fretwell takes Black Horse’s 82” span beast out for a spin.
David Ashby  |  Jan 17, 2011  |  0 comments
The new February 2011 issue of RCM&E will be in the shops from around 21st January and with subscribers shortly before. It's another great, feature packed issue, full of good reading, informative articles and opinionated columns!
David Ashby  |  Dec 16, 2010  |  0 comments
The new Jan 2011 issue of RCM&E is another bumper 140-page edition and should be with subscribers soon while scheduled to be on sale 17th December weather permitting!