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ON THE COVER Mark Hinton flew his fabulousWestland Lysander at the Alan Lill and Ken Bones Memorial Scale Fly-In, which took place on the rain soaked tarmac at Barkston Heath. Alex Whittaker was there to capture all the action on his box brownie, and files his report, starting on page 26. Here's Richard Scarbrough's glorious Mustang. FREE PRO PLAN PYLON PUP Bill Bowne offers up his tribute to the Golden Age of air racing in the form of a 1.
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Welcome to this, the second of a five part series aimed at steering the newcomer along a fuss free path into the fascinating world of flying R/C model aircraft. Last month we covered the basic questions, this time we’ll get into a bit more detail and look at some purchasing decisions. What you buy and fly can depend on a number of factors: Where you intend to fly. The models and equipment your instructor or friends use.
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Welcome to the first in our series that’s aimed at providing the information you might need to make informed choices and, hopefully, start flying R/C model aircraft with the minimum of fuss and bother. Into the Blue maybe a little hopeful as a title, since the UK weather will no doubt dictate that on most occasions your new model will be sent skywards ‘into the grey’, but let’s be optimistic! BEGINNINGS So, you want to fly R/C? Good! Remember that flying model aircraft can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it. Above all, however, it’s fun. If at any stage you’re not enjoying it then something’s wrong and you’re advised to stop and discuss what you’re doing with fellow flyers.
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ON THE COVER. . . Arguably one of the most beautiful biplane fighters of all time, it's surprising how little Hawker's Fury is modelled.
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Some old issues of RCM&E resonate for different reasons. March 1992 hits the spot for me as it reflects the time when I got back into the hobby, thinking it best that I learn how to fly properly, once and for all. For many, twenty years won’t seem so long ago, especially as the letters A, R, T and F had become quite well established. Truth is, kits of this nature actually date back to the early ‘80s, if not before, and while far less common in ‘92, they were certainly around.
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Servos are the muscle power in our models. All servos do the same job, they’re sent a signal from the receiver and translate the transmitter stick movement into an equivalent action at their output arm. This motion is used to drive any number of functions, from a control surface to retracting undercarriage. CONSTRUCTION Servos generally consist of the following main parts held within their black plastic case.
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On the cover. . . There's nothing quite like a relaxed club fly-in, especially if, as Alex Whittaker found when visiting the Bardney Club, you're blessed with good weather and a welcoming atmosphere.
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I often found myself in awe at the occasionally outrageous colour schemes adopted by the more flamboyant pilots of the German Air Force during W. W. I. Such aircraft (Pfalz, Fokker and Albatros, to name but a few) were seen in many different colours, individually painted to their pilots’ requirements, and can be found documented in the many publications that adorn the shelves of aviation bookshops and, of course, in abundance on the internet.
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ON THE COVER Small shows and fly-ins often showcase rarely seen yet impressive creations. So it was at last year's Teeside Show from where Alex Whittaker files this month's report and where Dave Johnson was campaigning this fine twin petrol- powered Military Bleriot. FREE PRO-PLANS SIMPLEX Shaun Garrity heads back in time with a 40” span version of a 1940s American classic RES-EAGLE Slowly but surely, summer's on the way and you've time to build Ton van Munsteren's thermal-hungry soarer REGULARS SWITCH ON A round-up of the latest R/C flying news COUNTERPOINT More tempting new releases ALL WRITE Over to you. .
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1. Most standard servos come with a set of four rubber grommets, brass ferrules and fixing screws. Also included is a selection of different output arms that can be changed to suit your model’s installation requirements. 2.