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Propeller Selecting the right propeller is essential (and good research vital) to gain maximum efficiency for F3A requirements. Pattern models need to fly at a constant speed no matter which direction they’re travelling. In this respect, a propeller designed specifically for maximum power and down-line braking will help. Power Electric power has come to dominate F3A over the last couple of years.
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ON THE COVER Sight, sounds and emotion. Some models stop you in your tracks and Dr Keith Mitchell's 21ft span Super Constellation is one such. Alex Whittaker caught it at the LMA's Elvington show last year so just turn to page 14 for all the highlights. FREE PRO-PLANS MIGNON Chris Reid's Foss-style sportster delivers minimal building and maximum flying SIR JASPER Shaun Garrity unearths a classic Arthur Searl design from 1970 VECTORCRAFT Distinctly different is how you'd describe Max Zuijdendorp's new indoor racer REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest model flying news COUNTERPOINT More tempting new arrivals ALL WRITE Over to you.
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This month we’re going to put some flesh on the bones by designing the fuselage, wings and tailplane. THE FUSELAGE BOX The first thing to do is draw the outline of the fuselage box. The front of the box will be F1, and the top will be on the horizontal datum line. The rear of the box should be set a little behind the elevator hinge line, though this point can vary from a 1/4” behind the hinge line (leaving just enough room for the elevator joiner in front of the rudder hinge) to somewhere beyond the end of the elevators.
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ON THE COVER They've had the ARTF treatment before, notably by Great Planes and Hangar 9 themselves, and the RV series of home- built aircraft always seem to suit the model format. Hangar 9 have returned to the Vans stable and selected the RV-4 as the basis for an attractive, large-scale release that's reviewed this month starting on page 110. FREE PRO-PLANS PUDDLEDUCK Hot on the heels of his popular Tiger 72 design that webrought you a few months ago, Jim Newberry returns with this easy-build, vintage-style, STICKY Ton van Munsteren's diminutive electric version of the classic Stick - quick build, low cost, max fun! REGULARS SWITCH ON Bringing you up to date. .
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Learn how to use the rudder and your ability will increase tenfold. This month we’ll take a closer look at aerobatic crosswind flying, and I’ll introduce you to some of the tricks and tips I’ve found useful over the years. Of the three primary surfaces - aileron, elevator and rudder - it’s the rudder that causes most problems. Many pilots are unsure when to use it, how much to apply, and in which direction.
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ON THE COVER. . . Tony Nijhuis described hisHarrier experiments in a series of articles earlier this year and, this month, returns to complete the story and describe how the VTOL challenge was finally solved.
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Tony Nijhuis' Harrier build has been eagerly watched by many, intrigued by his patience and dedication. Watch his 10th version make fully transitional flight HERE and read about it in the December 2017 issue of RCM&E, in shops 24th November 2017. . .
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YOU WILL NEED: 1. A mini drill or similar rotary drilling tool complete with cutting bit attachment. 2. Small needle files, fine sandpaper, masking tape and a marker pen.
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ON THE COVER Electric ducted fan jets have come a long way since the days when brushed motors lasted only a few flights and, whether you like the scheme or not, there's no denying that FMS’ Super Scorpion represents the cutting edge of applied ready-to-fly know-how. Turn to page 20 this month and we'll tell you all about it. FREE PRO-PLAN WOODPECKER Time for a bit of relaxed, vintage-style silent flight with Lindsay Todd and Paul Rice's character-packed motor glider WILDTHING A classic bipe that makes a perfect first-time trad’ build project REGULARS SWITCH ON Your monthly news round-up COUNTERPOINT Tempting kits and bits ALL WRITE Over to you. .
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Formerlyan Orkney Island resident,Martin Harveyis a retireddoctor recently located to north east England. He's a keen builder and flyer and recounts his exploits here on a regular basis. You canchat toMartynby using the forum thread link below. 10/10/2017 - Summertime I could probably cut and paste the opening part of this piece from various previous submissions --- the weather has been good, the weather has been awful, the weather and most events have gone on just about exactly as they have been for years.