New video just added!

Welcome to RCM&E video. This is where you'll find the latest clips made by us in our travels or by RCM&E contributors. Videos that support magazine feature articles, review models, shows, events and so on.

You can visit RCM&E's YouTube Channel to see all the videos we've added.

  • Spirit V Evo - the warmliner from Staufenbiel, read the full review in the Jan 2014 issue.

  • E-flite AS3Xtra - the new gyro-equipped indoor aerobat

  • Blade QX HD - footage from the E-flite camera included with this revised quadcopter. Read the full review of the quad and camera in the February 2014 issue.

  • P-51B - Tony Nijhuis flies his new creation, the pull-out plan in the 2013 Special Issue.

  • WOT4 Xtreme - Mike Williams flies our review model, you'll find it in the 2013 Special Issue.
  • RCbatics Tutorial 5 - C of G Pt.2

  • RCbatics Tutorial 4 - C of G 

  • RCbatics Tutorial 3 - Angle of Attack

  • RCbatics Tutorial 2 - Airfoils

  • RCbatics Tutorial 1 - How planes fly. Shahid Banglawala presents his new video teach-in.

  • Acro Wot ARTF - a little flying footage of the new model from Ripmax. Read the review in RCM&E's August 2012 issue.

  • Rave ENV - RCM&E's helicopter columnist Martin Stonestreet flies the new Curtis Youngblood Enterprises machine and talks about some of the finer features. Look out for Martin's review very soon.

  • Seagull 2000 motor glider - first flight of the upcoming review model.

  • Mini Tyro - Andrew Boddington flies and chats about the Nov 2011 issue free plan model. A modest update to his late father's classic design.

  • Jamara Cessna 185 - Steve Sales flies the model reviewed in the new October 2011 issue of the magazine.

  • First Step - Ton Van Munsteren flies his new beginners model and one of two free plans in the September 2011 issue.
  • Multicopter - Alex Whittaker talks to Shaun Garrity about his homemade flying machine.  Read all about Shaun's Multicopter in Alex's September 2011 Weekenders Column.

  • Seagull Turbo Raven - some footage from a test flight. The full review is in the new July 2011 issue.

  • Pete Lowe's Totally Traditional Workshop - Watch as Pete takes a quick tour around the different engine mount types.

  • Making servo lead connectors - Tim Mackey shows how easy it is to make them yourself.

  • Maja - Tim Mackey flies the unusual photography/FPV ship from Germany. Read the full review in the April 2011 issue.

  • Electric Indoor Masters 2010 - Watch Dave Royds' superb video round-up of the event from Leeds earlier this month along with some quite extraordinary flying.
  • Flying Round-Up - Flying E-flite's Beechcraft Bonanza, FMS' 1.6m Spitfire and chatting to Totally Traditional columnist Pete Lowe.
  • Top Gun 2010 - Watch as we talk to the pilots and check out the flying from the BMFA Nationals flightline. Read the scale flightline report in the December 2010 issue.