Saito FG-36 four-stroke petrol engine

Saito have just unveilled something of a new departure for them - a 36cc four-stroke petrol engine!

The Saito FG-36 is supplied with an electronic ignition system and a purpose-made aluminium engine mount. The carb' employs a diaphram pump for reliable fuel feed at any attitude and isn't sensitive to the position of the fuel tank. The motor will happily accept forecourt quality petrol mixed in a ratio 20-30:1 petrol to oil. We'll have a full review of the engine in the September issue of RCM&E


  • Name - FG-36
  • UK distributor - MacGregor Industries
  • Displacement - 36.29cc
  • Prop size - 19x8 - 20x8in.
  • Practical RPM - 1800-9000
  • RRP - £619.95

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