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Jeff Barringer  |  Nov 19, 2021  |  0 comments
Jeff Barringer builds an electric powered Concorde from the Tony Nijhuis plan.

Having built the Tony Nijhuis Mosquito and Gnat recently, and being well-pleased with the results, I decided that I’d like to have a go at his Concorde.

Shaun Garrity  |  Sep 24, 2021  |  0 comments
Shaun Garrity converts Gordon Whitehead's 24-inch model of the French WW1 single seat sesquiplane fighter, nicknamed the Bébé, to electric power and modern lightweight R/C

The Bébé is my favourite of all WW1 aircraft. Designed by Gustave Delage, this single seat sesquiplane fighter was one of the reasons the Fokker Scourge ended.

Shaun Garrity  |  Jul 16, 2021  |  0 comments
Shaun Garrity returns to the 1980s with the low-wing classic design from David Boddington

The high wing Whisper and low wing Excellence were designed by Dave Boddington in the mid 1980s for the new breed of small four-stroke engines that were starting to appear, specifically the latest O.S. FS-20.

Shaun Garrity  |  May 28, 2021  |  2 comments
Shaun Garrity updates a plan for a small pusher, jet style model that doubles up as a stiff-wind slope soarer

What has a Jaguar XJ6 (with the roof cut off), a steel pole and Octopussy got to do with this month’s free plan? Back in 1967 Jim Bede and his chief designer Paul Griffin sharpened their pencils and started creating a design for an aircraft that would become the BD-5, also referred to as the Micro.

Dave batchelor  |  May 13, 2021  |  0 comments

Dave Batchelor finishes and flies his 98" Vulcan V-bomber built from the Tony Nijhuis plan.

Running fuel lines and wiring in the fuselage was going to be very untidy as only the holes in the ribs and bulkheads could be used to run them through. Good visibility inside is afforded by the large air intakes so I wanted it to look good inside as well as out.

Dave batchelor  |  May 06, 2021  |  0 comments

Dave Batchelor describes his modifications whilst building a 98" Vulcan V-bomber to the Tony Nijhuis plan.

Following the demise of my MB339 back in 2016, I was left with (thankfully) a spare Jetcat P100 turbine looking for a home. I could not afford an ARTF model to put it in at the time so the idea of building something came to mind.

David Ashby  |  May 20, 2020  |  0 comments
First published in June 2000 issue of RCM&E, Chatterbox 2000 is Ray Wood's update on Vic Smeed's delightful cabin wing design for a 1958 issue of Aeromodeller. The plan can be purchased from Sarick Hobbiesand the article pages can be downloaded below. DATAFILE Name: Chatterbox 2000 Designed by: Vic Smeed/Ray Wood Wingspan: 40" Wing Chord: 6. 5" Fuselage Length: 30" Overall Height: 9" Motor Used: 280 Geared (J.
RCME Staff  |  Dec 23, 2016  |  0 comments
As seen in January 2017 issue of RCM&E. . . .
RCME Staff  |  Jun 21, 2015  |  0 comments
Basic balsa wood kits to buildmodel glider are now almost none existent in the world. We therefore decided do something for this yawning gap in the market and offer readers a choice of a plan, a short kit, and added wood pack and details of an easy way to buy all the hardware to build my “Mont-3” my glider first featured in the October 2009 R. C. M.
David Ashby  |  Apr 21, 2015  |  0 comments
Designed by Roland Boucher in the 1970s, Monterey is a classic slope and thermal soarer. In 2009 Loris Goring updated the design and his plan can be purchased at the RCM&E Plans Service along with a new laser-cut set of parts and a wood completion pack (available very soon). Over the last 50 years nothing’s given me more pleasure than building and flying disgustingly simple balsa gliders, that cost very little to make. In fact, they’re so cheap they even make my bank manager smile! Many years ago I built a Monterey, a first-class glider design by Bob and Roland Boucher that’s still available from the RCM&E plans service.
David Ashby  |  Feb 13, 2015  |  0 comments
Cliffwhacker is the new flap-equipped slope sportster from Alex Whittaker's drawing board. It was the free plan with RCM&E's Jan 2015 issue with a follow-up article in the new March issue. Easy to build, the model is a perfect sloper and handles a variety of conditions. Those who hate cutting ribs and formers will be pleased to know that a set of laser-cut parts and a wood completion set are available from the Plans Service.
Andrew Boddington  |  Dec 13, 2013  |  0 comments
This article was first published in RCM&E Nov 2011. The plan and parts pack are sold at the RCM&E's Plans Service Despite being David ‘Boddo’ Boddington’s son, I’m not what you would call a prolific aeromodeller these days. I do build the odd free-flight or small R/C model every couple of years, but my glory days of aeromodelling were as a youngster in the 1970s when I built many first test models for dad: a Fokker Eindecker for the BBC production Wings, a Mannock for the Goodies’ dodo to fly, and I also provided much (unpaid!) help on many of his projects. Looking back, I’m amazed I had time to go to school! I did squeeze an education in, though, and leaving home for university in 1980 put an end to my regular modelling.
David Ashby  |  Nov 01, 2013  |  0 comments
RCM&E electric flight columnist Nigel Hawes has been busy. His latest design, Can-Doo, is the pull-out plan with RCM&E's Dec 2013 issue that's in the shops 15 Nov! Starting with little more than four sheets of balsa, Can-Doo is a 32" span sport canard that's easy and cheap to build. It requires an inexpensive 200 watt outrunner, 25 amp ESC and 2200 mAh Li-Po battery and uses ailerons and foreplane for control. Clear that building board! .
David Ashby  |  Oct 16, 2013  |  0 comments
Mini Jazz was first published in 1997 and, Like many Malcolm Corbin designs, the compact aerobat was an instant hit in this case to the extent that . 15 size glow engines became very hard to find for a while in the UK. The plan available from the RCM&E plans service and a new CNC pack (ribs and formers etc. ) along with a wood pack have just been produced to supplement the cowl and canopy already available.


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