Test your metal

First off, yes, I know it's spelt 'mettle'; it was an attempt at a pun. You'll see why shortly, although that won't make it any funnier. Sorry.

Spanish-based outfit Alumairplanes have launched the first of a unique series of model aeroplanes – yes, the clue's in the comapny title. The Canadair CL-415, which boasts a 2520mm wingspan, is made almost entirely from aluminium – including the wings, tail and fuselage. The model is supplied as an ARTF kit, leaving you to install the engines (two O.S. 120 four-strokes are recommended), servos, etc. before taking to the skies.

The Canadair is made to order, and therefore takes a maximum of 60 days to arrive following the initial order. She doesn't come cheap, weighing in at €2,499 – around £1,657 – plus postage, but there's no doubting that you'll be the talk of the club with one of these under your control. In addition, Alumairplanes are offering a 20% introductory discount at the moment; all orders made before the end of March will come in at €1,999 / £1,324 plus postage (around £109 to Great Britain, details for other countries available from Alumairplanes).

Orders can be made via the website. Even if the Canadair doesn't tickle your fancy, however, be sure to keep an eye on Alumairplanes' future output – they're lining up a FW 190A amongst others.