World's first 3D R/C simulator

With 3D fast becoming the 'must have' for cinema and television, it's no surprise to see that the World's first 3D R/C simulator has just arrived courtesy of the well known Reflex brand.

Reflex XTR2 V.5.05.5, to be presice, can operate with cyan/red 3D glasses or 3D shutter glasses and offers stereoscopically enhanced 3D (glasses are included with the sim if you're new to this sort of thing).

It's clear the sim is generating a lot of excitement and looks to be fully featured too with, notably, a network option allowing up to 8 pilots to fly together on-line. Over 50 helicopters and 50 aircraft are on offer along with 20 photo-realistic flying sites.

It's £149.99 from all good J.Perkins stocklists and the J.Perkins site has more info.


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