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The FunJet was released by Multiplex in 2007 and instantly proved a hit with foam fans around the world. As you can see, the design is pure Multiplex, simple at a glance yet extremely clever and capable of producing a thoroughbred performance. A development of the hugely popular Micro-Jet, Twin-Jet and Pico-Jet it’s clear that the company has used its vast experience of the type in the development of this little delta. With a brushless motor and a 3s Li-Po (to provide the amps), running through a 20 - 40amp ESC, it’s capable of punching holes in the sky.
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Gemini is the first Elapor biplane from Multiplex and has been designed as an easy introduction to two wings. Since the model is called Gemini I can only assume that the link with the star sign (the twins) is the fact that it has two wings? Anyway, whatever it is that’s in the name there’s no denying it’s a good looking little model that appears to take a few design cues from the Ultimate biplane, which to my mind is no bad thing. Moulded around an outrunner motor of the 600 class, with power from a modest 3s 1800 - 3300mAh Li-Po battery pack, the Gemini should be a relatively inexpensive proposition. You’ll forgive me for the following cliché, but when the box lid is opened one is presented with an Elapor foam model of exquisite quality.
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The F4 Phantom has long been a favourite. I can remember them roaring over Kent during their last years of service with the RAF in the 1980’s. The noise was amazing and the smell of kerosene distinct since they were on low level training sorties, the plane since then has always stuck in my mind. The type first entered service in 1960 with the U.
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The Diamante's attractive upper scheme is complemented by a dark underside - ideal for visual orientation when the sticks are in the corners. The Diamante 25e was designed by Peter Goldsmith as a sport aerobatic model with a slight lean towards F3A pattern flying. With a broad section at its root, the wing is a one-piece affair spanning some 48” with a taper on both leading and trailing edges. Meanwhile, the 50” long fuselage, embellished with Chris Foss style fin and rudder, swept undercarriage and blistered cowl makes for a very attractive bird.
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No wonder Bobcats are so popular, that's one mean looking machine! Whilst trawling around the shed and checking over some models for the coming season, I stumbled on my YT Twister which had given sterling service for a good four seasons now. Looking over the airframe I decided it was time to retire the model but then came the dilema - what to do with the electric running gear installed? I spent a good two weeks reading through the ads in RCM&E and surfing the internet before deciding on a new model. I knew from the experiences I’d had with the Twister that I had quite a powerful setup in the 41/20-14 AXI motor tied to the 5s 4300mAh EnErG Pro Li-Po pack, the Twister weighed in at 6. 5lbs and had enough power for some very energetic flight.
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The finish and build quality are top-notch, this Sukhoi looks simply gorgeous I’ve been eyeing this model every time I’ve been to my parents house over the last few months and since my brother bought it at the Cosford show in July. On my last visit he handed me the box and said it was mine on the proviso that if I took it, firstly I paid for it and secondly I had to review it for modelflying. co. uk.
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When I was asked to review a model for this special publication I was told that I could choose what I liked, provided it was an ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly) low-wing trainer that would perform well on a . 46 two-stroke engine. A difficult choice? Not really! Having had some experience with the Seagull range I knew exactly the model to go for. The Pilatus PC-9 was my first low-wing aeroplane, it proved a great choice for helping me hone my flying skills and it remains a good choice for pilots taking that first post-trainer step.
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