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This review was published in RCM&E, June 2005. The model and others in VMAR's sport jet range can still sometimes be found. I think we’d probably all agree that over recent years one of the fastest growing elements of this fine hobby of ours is the ARTF market. Eager manufacturers from the Far East, seemingly not content with the ARTF trainer and sport market, are now pretty well engulfing every aspect of modelling from indoor electric to large aerobatic and large scale.
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Once in a while a product comes onto the market that endeavours to turn model flying on its head and challenge the thoughts of those who believe aeromodelling has nothing more to offer. I say this after coming back from the first flight of my Graupner Funky Chicken which, in model flying terms, provided the most fun I’ve had in ages. In fact, so much so, it was only the nigh-on pitch dark conditions outside that eventually forced me to call it a day. Now, bearing in mind I was completely unaware of the kit’s existence before our editor suggested I should seriously (!) consider doing it, my initial reaction, whilst taking a rummage through his kit cupboard, was rather dismissive.
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This article was first published in the RCM&E 2008 Special Issue. It was also re-printed in the recent Tony Nijhuis Special Issueshould readers prefer a paper version with more photos etc. - Ed. So here we are, one year on from the last RCM&E Special and another warbird with which to whet your appetite.
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The Hawk plan was originally published in 2004 and, along with the canopy and intakes, can be purchased atMyHobbyStore. com Now here’s something a little unexpected. . .
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The DH Vampire plan and canopy can be purchased at www. myhobbystore. com Some of you may be thinking, "I'm sure I've seen this model before somewhere". .
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To order the Airbus plan, mouldings and/or CNC wood pack go to myhobbystore. com Given the huge success of the Airbus European Consortium over the last two decades it was only a matter of time before Airbus would challenged the military stranglehold that US manufacturers have on the aviation world with aeroplanes such as the C-130 Hercules, C-17, C-5a and C-141. The A400M is destined to be technologically superior to the Hercules by having a predominantly composite construction, state of the art avionics, enhanced cargo handling systems, a superior power plant, advanced propeller technology, and performance criteria close to that of a turbofan-powered aircraft. The internal design of the A400 has been maximised to permit payloads such as air-to-air refuelling tanks, attack helicopters, armoured combat vehicles, 116 troops, 66 stretchers plus 25 medical staff for medical evacuation, food, civil excavators and dump trucks.
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Fast and furious. . . no, that doesn't describe the model, merely the way this design went from drawing board to RCM&E free plan.
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The plan, wood pack and mouldings for this model can be purchased at myhobbystore. com Click here to go to the Typhoon build photos page. Early in 2007 the ed. took me to one side and asked if Id be happy to design a model, the subject of which was to be decided by RCM&E readers.
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It’s a pretty safe bet that even the die-hard kit and plan builders amongst us have an ARTF of some description, acquired just because they couldn’t resist it! So when I was told that a large box had just arrived in the office, I was eager to take a look. I slid off the protective cardboard packing to reveal the F-4 Phantom, a particular favourite of mine. . .
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I've produced quite a few plans for RCM&E over the past few years, but it occurred to me that these have been aimed mostly at the experienced plan builder. The recent Sky 40 primary trainer (presented as a free plan in the July / August 2006 issues of RCM&E) went some way to redressing the balance by offering a model suitable for beginners, but this is of little help if the novice has no experience of traditional building. Constructing something from a plan introduces a whole new facet to the hobby and practically doubles, if not triples, the choice of model available to you. Take a look at what's available through the Encanta Media Plans Service and you'll find a host of designs at your fingertips that aren't available from model shops in ARTF format.
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