Simon Cocker

Simon Cocker  |  Jun 05, 2020  |  0 comments
Graham Ashby (RCM&E former editor) has reviewed a number of scale models from the Freewing range in the past and when chatting to him he’s been genuinely passionate about his collection of foam warbirds. He convinced me that with care they can be kept pristine, being structurally sound enough to absorb a degree of knocking about and able to withstand some aerial abuse, with flight performances providing the real scale effect of the type. His positivity warmed me to the whole concept of an EPO-based RTF, which opened the door to ticking off an item on my bucket list. For many years I’ve harboured the desire to fly an L-39, be it jet-powered or a big PSS, and with Freewing’s EDF version purporting to offer sport-style performance in a scale package it seemed just the ticket, particularly as it will take off from short-grass runways, which is all I have at my disposal.
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It was back in August 1977 that my friend Tim Martin let me try and fly his Veron Impala - a kind offer which, as things turned out, was a sad error of judgement on his part. Although I offered to repair the damage, Tim never repeated his offer of flying instruction, which was rather disappointing. I'd begun to grow tired of the two-dimensional world of model powerboats, you see, and that one short flight had given me a glimpse of the whole new R/C challenge that is afforded by flying's three dimensions. I was hooked, and spent two week's wages on a two-channel 27 meg' Sanwa set and an Impala of my own.
Simon Cocker  |  Aug 02, 2013  |  1 comments
MVVS are a Czech manufacturing company with an established reputation for engineering excellence. Although the firm has been making model i. c. engines since 1952 I was still surprised to see that it has turned its resources to the electric flight scene with this, the launch of a home-grown brushless motor range.
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The Evo 7 package includes a 7-channel 35MHz (FM / PPM 10kHz) Tx that’s equipped with a full complement of switches, sliders and two 3D digi-adjusters. A multi-function socket on the back provides the charge point, trainer, simulator and PC interface, and the unit is powered by a pre-installed 6-cell, 1500mAh, 7. 2V power pack. Also included is a 7-channel Micro-IPD Rx, together with a standard RF module.
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