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Back in the old days, many plans had a materials list included on the drawing - and it’s been suggested that it would be good to reintroduce the idea. However, even if future plans do incorporate such a list there are thousands of old ones that don’t, leaving the builder to work out what materials are needed. The materials list of yore was only ever a loose guide, because some people use more wood than others. For example, one individual might cut a set of wing ribs from two sheets of wood by carefully interleaving them, whereas someone else might use the ‘solid block’ method of cutting them out, which uses far more wood.
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Peter's plan and article (below) were first published in 1983 and the plan has been updated andre-published in the newAugust 2013 issue of RCM&Ealongside Nigel Hawes' electrification project article. The Volksplane must be just about the simplest possible aircraft, especially from the scale modeller’s point of view. This model of the Evans VP-1 Volksplane was designed and built in two weeks, ‘though it must be admitted that the designer was off work at the time. The model is an ideal first scale subject and would be quite reasonable as a first low wing model.
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Many years ago I designed a model for 1. 5cc diesels called Tequila Sunrise. This was based on the big Bendix Trophy racers of the ‘30s and came complete with a long and fairly ludicrous spoof history. This history must have been nonetheless convincing because I had requests for scale documentation from overseas modellers who wanted to build examples for scale racing.
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This review was first published in 2001. The kit is still in production and available in the UK from Pegasus Models. www. pegasusmodels.
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This plan was first published in RCM&E October 2006. The plan and moulding set can be purchased at www. myhobbystore. com Just as David Long might be said to have produced the Midget Mustang by scaling down the air racing success of the North American P-51, so I've scaled down his classic design to 1/5th size to produce a model that's easy to handle on the building board, but which has the potential for sparkling performance in the air, even when powered by a regular O.
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RCM&E subscribers can read the Werewolf article in the Jan 2008 issue at the digital archive. The Werewolf plan, canopy, CNC pack and wood pack can bepurchased here. Werewolf came about after an email correspondent suggested I design a 1. 5 size version of Peter Russell’s 334G - a very nice little control line stunt model from the mid ‘50s, styled on the Focke Wulf 190.
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This plan and accompanying articles were first published in Feb/Mar 2006. The plan, CNC parts and wood pack required to complete the model can bepurchasedhere. Unless you take an interest in either home-built aircraft or peanut-scale models, you could be forgiven for never having heard of William J Fike’s endearingly ugly aeroplane. The Model E, however, is the end product of around 40 years of the sort of garden shed aeronautics that have kept aviation’s pioneering spirit alive long after the early pioneers themselves had folded their wings.
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The Wattsdog plan was published in RCM&E Dec 2006. The plan can be purchasedhere. There I was on eBay, watching the final minutes tick away in an auction for a complete Multiplex Pico radio set-up that was going for a song. Well, it seemed churlish not to put in a last-minute bid at a fraction over the odds, and blow me, when the hammer fell I'd won a Brick (Rx / servo combination), charger and battery, a motor, and speed controller, none of which I needed! Once I'd bought the gear, of course, I had to find some way to use it, so I decided to design a model around the radio kit, and then sell the whole lot on eBay again.
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The Bootlace plan can be purchased at MyHobbyStore. com I’ve always had an interest in American racing aircraft, and though I’ve built a few over the years, I’d never tried my hand at a Shoestring. Ironically, given that this classic ‘40s racer was popular with full-size home-builders for its simplicity, there are a number of problems in translating the aircraft’s design into a satisfactory scale model. Eventually, however, I was able to distil the shapes or styling of the original into this sports aerobatic model, the Bootlace.
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The Sonerai plan is £9. 95 atwww. myhobbystore. com I wanted a model for winter flying, the requirement being that it should fit in the car in one piece, be tough enough for rough-field abuse and be easy to hand-launch by the pilot.


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