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This review was first published in August 2005, the kit is still widely available. The Speed Air 40 is one of a trio of ‘Air’ titled ARTF designs from the Black Horse Models stable. All three are aerobatic, differing mainly in the undercarriage arrangement. The Travel Air is a tail-dragger with the main undercart fixed in the fuselage, whilst the Super Air (reviewed by yours truly in the June ‘05 issue of RCM&E) features a swept back wing with wheels firmly fixed beneath.
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This review was originally published in 2005. The model is still available. It’s a fact that, given a pit full of aeromodellers, the conversation will eventually come around to the financial cost of this wonderful hobby. With the Far East dominating the ARTF market and computer radio sets becoming plentiful, R/C aeromodelling can be pursued without endangering your credit limit or suffering embarrassing conversations with either the bank manager or your wife! After such a discussion at the strip I found myself back in the workshop and decided it was high time I conducted a thorough tidy-up.
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Got a spare .15? What are you waiting for!The Hoehnia plan is just £5.95 at MyHobbyStore.com
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The T-28 is suitably different don't you think? I took receipt of the kit and made a preliminary forage into the box to confirm that all the bits were present. The model, a North American T-28A Trojan, wasn't an aircraft I was familiar with but it certainly looked neat and very chunky in appearance. HISTORY Before diving into the build I wanted to learn more about this hitherto unfamiliar aircraft and duly got stuck into the history books. Designed as an advanced primary flight trainer and a replacement for the T6 Texan, the North American Trojan first took to the air during 1949.
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