Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts  |  Apr 27, 2009  |  0 comments
Fancy a Camel? This ARTF version from Hanger 9 is a fine flyer Of all the terrible innovations with which the Great War ushered in the age of mechanised conflict, perhaps the most remarkable were the fighting machines that allowed the cavalry to take to the air. They brought with them a new concept - air power - to describe the struggle for technical and numerical advantage in this new arena. First, Germany's E1 Eindekker held sway over the Western Front, only to be displaced by Britain's Sopwith Pup and de Havilland 2. When, in the late summer of 1916, these aircraft were bested in turn by Germany's Albatross and Halberstaadt fighters, Britain's next ripostes were still on the drawing board: the RAE was readying the SE5, and Bristol was at work on the F2a.
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