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ON THE COVER Don Billingham's immense HP W-10 airliner was built to 1/4-scale, spans 15ft (4. 6m) and uses two Laser 360V twins for power. Seen at a notably bigger and better Cosford show in July, it was one of many models that left a lasting impression and RCM&E was there to capture all the action. Read the full story starting on page 14.
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ON THE COVER One of the most beautiful sea planes ever designed? Supermarine's S6B must surely occupy the top spot and Paul Rice's superb model certainly oozed class when Alex Whittaker popped along to capture the water trials and test flight. Made for an anonymous client, you can read the full story on page 78. Picture: Alex Whittaker REGULARS SWITCH ON Another bumper news round-up from the R/C flying world COUNTERPOINT Flexible friend at the ready? ALL WRITE Have your say in the UK's best-selling model flying mag! GOING PLACES . .
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Right then, here’s the scenario. You’re a beginner, you’ve had a good few flights now and you’re doing well. Circuits seem easy, and you’ve even accomplished a nervy take-off. Your instructor decides to let you try a landing, and why not? It’s a calm day, after all.
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My first acquaintance with this model was way back in 1982 as a keen 12-year-old during the first of many visits to Woodvale. Much like every weekend I’ve spent there since, it was a fantastic experience - the trade presence in the massive hangars seemed huge to the eyes of this pre-teen, with goodies seemingly stacked right to the roof. A varied range of superb models adorned the flightline: small to almost full-size, sports to exquisite scale, yet one particular example, within the latter category, really grabbed my attention. A large German tri-motor, the Junkers Ju 52.
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1. Aerodynamic appreciation. You don’t have to become an aerodynamicist, but it helps if you can appreciate some of the basic principles of flight and how they affect your model’s performance. Do you know why aircraft stall? What about the difference between ground speed and air speed, and why differing wing sections work the way they do? Having a good general appreciation of what can affect an aeroplane’s flying characteristics is something that most aeromodellers develop over time, yet any extra you can do to enhance your aerodynamic awareness is all to the good.
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**NOTE NEW DATE** event is now 11th and 12th July Just a reminder that RCM&E's 2015 fly-in approaches. . . The dates for your diary are the weekend of 11th and 12th July.
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ON THE COVER Few models leave a lasting impression quite like Matt Jones’ Sea Vixen seen here performing during a PSSA fly-in at the Great Orme, North Wales. It’s a glider but with a museum quality finish that any turbine modeller would be proud of. Simon Cocker has all the details in his latest soaring round-up starting on page 48. Picture: Rez Manzoori REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest news from the world of R/C flying.
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Basic balsa wood kits to buildmodel glider are now almost none existent in the world. We therefore decided do something for this yawning gap in the market and offer readers a choice of a plan, a short kit, and added wood pack and details of an easy way to buy all the hardware to build my “Mont-3” my glider first featured in the October 2009 R. C. M.
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ON THE COVER Foam it may be, yet there's no denying that, Rockstar, the latest release from Multiplex, is an exceedingly pretty drop of aerobatic biplane. Last month we visited the factory and chatted with the designers and this month we send their latest effort skyward. REGULARS SWITCH ON A round up of the latest R/C news including a peek at the new Flash 8 radio from Hitec COUNTERPOINT A bumper, wallet-busting round-up including another Multiplex release and a revised foam-e WOT ALL WRITE Sand bags to the rescue, Tx woes and the spirit of Reg! GOING PLACES The show and fly-in season is gathering pace; make the most of the good weather! NEXT ISSUE Lindsay Todd presents his latest retro design, the successor to Dawn Flyer and a pull-out plan you won't want to miss MARKET PLACE Things sell fast when you use our FREE reader ad' service, why not give it a try? FREE PRO-PLAN WIGGO Designs say "build me" for a host of different reasons and this new wedge-style sportster is no exception. Make no mistake, heads will turn when Wiggo takes to the air COLUMNS WIZARD OF OZ No castor-gummed engine is beyond redemption as Brian Winch demonstrates in this photo-step guide FLY ELECTRIC Cheap ESCs can be a false economy as Nigel Hawes discovers to his horror MAKE IT SCALE Danny Fenton fettles the Chipmunk for a blemish-free finish WEEKENDERS A mystery engine update and a personal take on RCM&E's outgoing editor TOTALLY TRADITIONAL Pete Lowe's final column charts the goings-on in a balsa-strewn workshop FEATURES HILD MARSHONET Tim Hooper builds a distinctive pod and boom bipe from the vintage era SUBSCRIBE .
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ON THE COVER Who can resist a scale helicopter, especially when it has a bubble for a canopy and a lattice tail? Aye, Ken Winton's crisply detailed Bell 47G is a truly fine example of the scale modeller's art and a gorgeous flyer. REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest headlines from the model flying world, including cross-country details and news of an ARTF tilt-wing COUNTERPOINT Eleven more suggestions for this month's course of retail therapy ALL WRITE Tales of woe, Taranis terrors, and club chat, all topics of conversation in our bumper readers letters section GOING PLACES The show season cometh so now's the time to start planning your season MARKETPLACE Shift it quick or bag a bargain with our FREE readers' ads FREE PRO-PLAN WAGTAIL Cyril Carr unlocks the potential in Westland's short-lived single-seater with a cute 41" span foamie for a 3s Li-Po COLUMNS ON THE EDGE If at first you don't succeed. . .


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