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on the cover There's nothing more alluring than the spectacle of aeroplanes on water and when said water happens to be one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in the country, the combination is a photographic treat. Who better to cover the recent Ullswater Splash-in than RCM&E's photo journo, Alex Whittaker. Read all about it on page 14 –Photo: Alex Whittaker free pro-plans ISABELLA Marco Penk's wannabe full-size is a proper polyhedral cutie that's perfect for enjoying the simple pleasures R/C flight BEAGLE PUP Eyes down for a full house as Shaun Garrity pumps up the 1960s low-wing trainer / tourer. Clear your bench for another classic build regulars SWITCH ON We've a 2018 F4 World Championship ‘special’ all the way from Meiringen, Switzerland, where RCM&E's Dave Roberts has spent the week mixing it with the masters of scale COUNTERPOINT Gadgets, kits and blingy bits, designed to empty your wallet ALL WRITE Readers’ letters.
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Harvards still race at Reno every year. The famous prop roar is the sound of those supersonic tips. When it entered RAF service in July 1939, the US-built North American Harvard satisfied Britain’s desperate need for an advanced trainer that could bridge the widening gulf between the biplanes used for primary training and the new generation of fighters such as the Hurricane, which had already been operational for eighteen months. Yet, landmark though it may have been in Britain’s belated rearmament programme, the Harvard was only one member of a family of closely related aircraft that were produced over a period of 30 years, and which filled a variety of roles around the world, from trainer to fighter-bomber.
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on the cover Whilst W. W. I aircraft can be massively challenging models to build it should be noted that the stick and rudder flying experience can also concentrate the mind. Put all this together in a 1/3-scale, highly detailed airframe, form a squadron and you have the makings of the famed Dawn Patrol.
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In this article, we’ll look at how the forces of nature can make a difference to an aircrafts aerobatic performance. Flying aeros on a calm day is one thing, but flying them in the same manner on a windy day is another and will invariably lead to your stunts and tricks being bent out of shape. Loops cease to be circular, rolls can drift, and you may get caught out by a sudden gust and find yourself in a tricky situation. However, if you have an awareness of what’s happening and how to compensate then you’re in a good position to make your aerobatic figures look right, whether in calm conditions or a 30mph gust.
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The last few years have seen a steady increase in the number of people entering the hobby without the support of their local model flying club, a trend that’s been accelerated by the development of affordable, ready-to-fly, electric-powered helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft aimed specifically at the beginner. You can now purchase a model complete with transmitter, battery and charger, assemble it within just a few minutes, pop across to the local park, and fly. It’s quick and, assuming all goes well, a lot of fun. That said, there are plenty of potential pitfalls along the way and so, bizarre as it may seem, I’m going to begin by suggesting the alternative, fast-track approach.
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ON THE COVER This Spitfire Mk. 9 fromFlightLineRC may have escaped your attention but, with oodles of presence, it's one of the best ready-to-fly warbirds we've seen and, on page 24 this month, Brian Collins reviews it's smaller (but no less pretty) 1. 2m span sibling. FREE PRO-PLANS FLEA-FLI Shaun Garrity revisits Phil Kraft's classic ‘Old Orange Trash’.
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ON THE COVER Mark Hinton flew his fabulousWestland Lysander at the Alan Lill and Ken Bones Memorial Scale Fly-In, which took place on the rain soaked tarmac at Barkston Heath. Alex Whittaker was there to capture all the action on his box brownie, and files his report, starting on page 26. Here's Richard Scarbrough's glorious Mustang. FREE PRO PLAN PYLON PUP Bill Bowne offers up his tribute to the Golden Age of air racing in the form of a 1.
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Welcome to this, the second of a five part series aimed at steering the newcomer along a fuss free path into the fascinating world of flying R/C model aircraft. Last month we covered the basic questions, this time we’ll get into a bit more detail and look at some purchasing decisions. What you buy and fly can depend on a number of factors: Where you intend to fly. The models and equipment your instructor or friends use.
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Welcome to the first in our series that’s aimed at providing the information you might need to make informed choices and, hopefully, start flying R/C model aircraft with the minimum of fuss and bother. Into the Blue maybe a little hopeful as a title, since the UK weather will no doubt dictate that on most occasions your new model will be sent skywards ‘into the grey’, but let’s be optimistic! BEGINNINGS So, you want to fly R/C? Good! Remember that flying model aircraft can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it. Above all, however, it’s fun. If at any stage you’re not enjoying it then something’s wrong and you’re advised to stop and discuss what you’re doing with fellow flyers.
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ON THE COVER. . . Arguably one of the most beautiful biplane fighters of all time, it's surprising how little Hawker's Fury is modelled.


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