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The last time we were gathered here I signed off by promising to show you how to make a perfect wire wrap solder joint, but before we do, I’m going to iron out a few wrinkles following feedback from well-meaning readers that states: Washing items with water prior to soldering could be a problem in hard water areas, as a deposit might be left on the job. It’s not a good idea to use emery cloth or wet-and-dry abrasive material, as any residual grit particles will cause a problem when soldering. Kitchen detergent contains silicone, which could prevent solder from adhering to the metal. Lightly solder-tack the two tinned wires together, fold a return in the binding wire.
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ON THE COVER It’s interesting that, at a time when the RAF trained new recruits on the Tiger Moth, the USAF used a machine that weighed nearly twice as much. The PT-17’s muscular appearance still appeals and Seagull’s new ARTF Super Stearman is no exception. Turn to page 110 for our review. FREE PRO-PLAN VERHEES DELTA Max Z’s 1/6-scale take on the homebuilt delta will certainly turn heads but, best of all, it flies well too GIGI Shaun Garrity casts aside his wing phobia to build a classic little bipe REGULARS SWITCH ON Racing through the fjords, Lidl start a new craze and lots more in our news round-up COUNTERPOINT Your new product round-up PILOTS PICTORIAL Highlighting your projects ALL WRITE Over to you… GOING PLACES Places to go in the coming months MARKETPLACE Your FREE classified ad’ service NEXT ISSUE Tim Hooper’s new Civilian Coupe plan and lots more! COLUMNS BENCH BLOG Tim Hooper puts some air under the Citabria wings and finds a Flea he admires WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch continues his quest to keep those engines cool by packing a cowl with foam! ON SILENT WINGS Simon Cocker goes over the top to explore the phenomenon that is dynamic soaring WEEKENDERS Whittaker heads off to the Woodstock for Wrinklies FEATURES TOP GUN 2017 Danny Fenton reports from the Sunshine State A BIT ON THE SIDE Ever wondered why your motor appears misaligned? Dave Burton explores the world of thrust lines SUBSCRIBE! …and we’ll send you a FREE Fastrax transmitter bag! SAFE ARRIVAL PT.
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The Sopwith Camel, so the popular saying goes, offered its pilot three choices: the Victoria Cross, the Red Cross, or a wooden cross: the Camel downed more enemy aircraft than any other scout in W. W. I - it’s credited with 1294 victories - but it was also responsible for a lot of own-goals. In the 17 months during which the Camel was operational, it wasn’t just combat that claimed the lives of its pilots.
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ON THE COVER VTOL - vertical take-off and landing - has been one of those model flying holy grails with plenty of near misses over the years. Perhaps it was always going to take a good brand like E-flite, to crack it, but crack it they really have and you can read all about their new Convergence starting on page 32 FREE PRO-PLAN TIGER 72
 Spread over two sheets, Jim Newberry's 72” span sportster ticks all the boxes, it's big, very pretty and will soon become a firm favourite REGULARS SWITCH ON 
EASA have been busy and there's lots more in your monthly news round-up COUNTERPOINT
 Why not give a model a good home? ALL WRITE Over to you GOING PLACES Your busy events diary MARKETPLACE Sell it quick with our FREE reader ad’ service NEXT ISSUE
 Two plans, we test Seagull's lovely Stearman, Danny Fenton visits Top Gun and plenty more! COLUMNS ON SILENT WINGS
 Enjoying fabulous weather, Simon Cocker reports from the year's first aerotow fly-in at Middle Wallop WIZARD OF OZ
 As Brian Winch discovers, inadequate engine cooling can be very expensive! WEEKENDERS
 Whittaker terminates his undercarriage and finds an extraordinary Jungmeister PAINLESS 360 
Lee Schofield compares battery technologies and looks at the latest batch of new products RETRO RAMBLINGS
 Shaun Garrity with another retro round-up FEATURES SUBSCRIBE
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Learn how to use the rudder and your ability will increase tenfold. I kicked off this series of articles in the May issue of RCM&E, discussing the impact of crosswinds on model flying and how to counteract the effects, focusing on take-offs in particular. This month we’ll take a closer look at aerobatic crosswind flying, and I’ll introduce you to some of the tricks and tips I’ve found useful over the years. Of the three primary surfaces - aileron, elevator and rudder - it’s the rudder that causes most problems.
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You’d be surprised just how much damage a model can sustain and still be repairable. Take the club member who flew his new ARTF CAP 232 into the concrete, for example. The fuselage was reduced to a mass of splinters, but after a spell in the workshop his model was back in the air looking as good as new. However, there was nothing miraculous about this resurrection, which came about because the owner not only flies ARTFs but also builds aeroplanes from scratch, and so understands both how models are put together, and how they can be repaired when they come apart.
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ON THE COVER That's a dummy engine would you believe! Markus Gunther's Zero is an astounding piece of work, no surprise that it did so well at last years F4 World Championships in Romania. Dave Roberts was there and chatted to Markus about a model that took a cool 15 years to bring to fruition. Read the full story inside. FREE PRO-PLANS AVRO 504
 Cyril Carr models a 44” span park-fly version of a classic biplane, a rhapsody in foam, balsa and ply QUICKSILVER
 Shaun Garrity revisits Dave Hardaker's classic 1970s hill soarer that still performs impressively REGULARS SWITCH ON
 All the latest news including a new world speed record COUNTERPOINT
 It's our duty to find these models a good home ALL WRITE Over to you.
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The trouble with today’s ARTF culture is that flyers who’ve never built a model from scratch don’t know how to repair their aircraft when they crash or damage them. As a result, too many people are spending money unnecessarily replacing broken models which, for just a few pounds, could be put back into the air. For the price of a cheap ARTF it’s possible to buy the handful of tools and materials necessary to repair any number of expensive ARTFs. FIRST AID This month, we’re going to discuss ways to repair the sort of damage that results from a minor crash, starting with what you should do immediately after your model has ‘arrived’.
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Aviators have to return to earth sooner or later, and we aeromodellers are no exception. Gravity is ever-present, both as friend or foe, and, as far as aircraft are concerned, the rules regarding landing are the same for full-size as they are for models. In this article we’ll explore the two methods of landing, i. e.
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ON THE COVER Dave Roberts, RCM&E's Special Issue editor, flew out to the World F4 Championships in Romania last summer and his event report appeared in 2016's Special. He took the time to interview some of the competitors and his first, with the winner, Andreas Luthi of Switzerland, is published this month. Andreas’ fabulous Jungmeister has accrued a cabinet full of trophies over the years, turn to page 112 and you'll soon see why. FREE PRO-PLANS 362 DELTA Feeling the need for speed, Shaun Garrity revisits a classic Peter Russell design that looks every bit as good now as it did back in the ‘60s.


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