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Declared Flight magazine in 1944, “To many people the York is held to be Britain’s first post-war civil aircraft. That it is a stop-gap, at best a wartime compromise, seems to be generally overlooked. ” But if the Avro’s steady service had indeed made people forgetful of its hand-me-down origins (which seems unlikely since, as we’ll see shortly, it was part of a much larger bone of contention), then it might have been more generous if Flight had allowed that the York was more of a ‘wartime conscript’. For while its close relation, the Lancaster, was framed and famed for fighting, the York was called up in the latter part of the war and the immediate post-war period to fulfil a role that was less martial, but nonetheless vital.
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ON THE COVER Bolero, a new aerobat from Ripmax, is well made, inexpensive and the sort of ARTF Sunday sport model you hardly see from the big distributors these days. Great to see it then, but how does it fly? Turn to page 28 and we'll tell you. FREE PRO-PLANS FRED Lindsay Todd's delightful semi-scale take on Eric Clutton's experimental homebuild is perfect for those long, lazy summer days. SWANNEE Shaun Garrity re-discovers an appealing low- wing sportster from the single-channel era that's itching for your contemporary revisions.
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Okay, confession time. In the decade or so that I’ve been designing and scratch-building sport-scale models, one of the key factors that’s helped determine my choice of subject has been the complexity (or rather the lack of complexity) of the cockpit area. I’ve quietly tended to plump for models that feature simple, flat-screen windshields or those that are easily fabricated with single-plane curves. Whenever I’ve come across more complex canopies I’ve fudged the issue by carving them from foam or balsa, or utilising a portion cut from a plastic soft drinks bottle.
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ON THE COVER Who said jets have no character? They can't have seen an A-10 Warthog, this being Andy Johnson and George Murgatroyd's twin gas- turbine powered version. It was scratch built by John Menhemett and flown by the pair at the Liverpool and District Model Aircraft Club's Battle of Britain Day in early October 2016. The 10ft (3m) span model weighs 65lbs (29kg) and was certainly one of the highlights. You'll find our full report from this great fly-in starting on page 14.
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We have brought this poll to you before, first in 2012 and then in 2014 and the results were different each time. 2012 the top three were: Futaba 41% Spektrum 34% JR 10% 2014 the top two switched: Spektrum 38% Futaba 31% JR 9% So we wanted to find out just how different your choice is 3 years later. We've updated the choices a little to keep in line with the current trends, adding FrSky and Turnigy. Join in with the new 2017 poll here You can take a look at the full2012 results hereand the full2014 results here .
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February 1969 is not a month I recall (I was only a toddler), yet on the 9th the Boeing 747 made its first flight, on the 24th Mariner 6 was fired into space en route to Mars and, somewhere in-between, Volume 10 issue 2 of RCM&E hit the streets. With both Ron Moulton (Managing Editor) and Tony Dowdeswell (Editor) appearing in the ‘flannel panel’ the issue promised great things and, by the look of it, didn’t disappoint. Ad Manager Roland Sutton had clearly done his job well for this was an issue packed with period advertising. Occupying the rear cover, and doubtless paying a heavy premium for the privilege, RCS Ltd.
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ON THE COVER What does a world-class scale competitor do between those big thousand-hour projects? Well, if you're Richard Crapp then you build a Balsa USA Junkers D. 1 kit. . .
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YOU WILL NEED: 1. Balsa for longerons and uprights (6 x 6mm pictured). 2. Balsa for gussets (in this instance, 6mm sheet to match the longeron thickness).
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As seen in January 2017 issue of RCM&E. . . .


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