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ON THE COVER Arguably the Fairey Fantome certainly matched the Hawker Fury when it came to sleek lines, yet it was never to see mass production. Owned and flown by Jamie Cuff and designed and built by Alan Brown's to 1/6-scale, you can find out about this evocative model starting on page 110 FREE PRO-PLAN GHOST RIDER 38 Shaun Garrity is back to revive a fine flying Boddo classic. Perfect for three- channel R/C, why not do something a bit different and fit a 2. 4GHz Galloping Ghost set-up? HANGAR MONKEY Mike Bell designed and flew this pretty retro-style sportster some ten years ago so, thoroughly tested, we thought it was time you had the plan COLUMNS WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch finds out why Walbro carbs have been so successful ON SILENT WINGS Finding time to re-maiden his B-52, Simon Cocker takes issue with some errant carbon WEEKENDERS Whittaker examines a classic engine, new trad’ kits and solves the meaning of life BENCH BLOG Tim Hooper resurrects a neglected motor glider, builds a Tiger tank and sorts the Citabria's struts ON THE EDGE With a huge sigh of relief, Andy Ellison finally gets some air under the mighty DG-600's wings REGULARS SWITCH ON A new fun flyer from Ripmax, M&R at 21 and a ‘heads up’ for the World F4 Champs COUNTERPOINT More of life's ‘essentials’ ALL WRITE Over to you.
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This month I’m going to stand aside and hand the stage over to two truly remarkable pilots; a champion harking all the way from Israel, as well and a master of design much closer to home. Those who read the last instalment of Snap, Crackle & Roll will know that the 2011 EXFC champion is a chap by the name of Ido Segev, a young Israeli freestyle pilot known the world over for his clean and fun routines that always fit the music like a glove. Prior to his success at last year’s EXFC he placed second at the 2009 event and third in the 2009 XFC, so there’s little doubt that this man is truly world class. Currently enrolled on a training course in Australia to become a full-size flying instructor, Ido kindly took some time out to answer a few questions.
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YOU WILL NEED: 1. A servo, complete with fixings and a plastic servo arm. 2. A control surface horn and its screw fixings.
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ON THE COVER Designed and built by Richard Rawle and flown with Steve Holland, this, one of a pair of 30% Stearmans, has been a show favourite for several years now thanks especially to their animated R/C daredevils. The girls (who have their own website and Facebook page) entertained the large crowd at this year's excellent Cosford large model show and there's a full round-up starting on page 24 FREE PRO-PLANS SLEEKER A great way of converting those spare bits of balsa, this easy-build, compact sportster from 1968 adapts well to contemporary refinements SUPER MARAUDER Peter Miller is back with a superb, easy- flying aerobatic sportster. We guarantee that just one glance at that lovely retro styling will have you clearing the building board! COLUMNS MAKE IT SCALE Danny Fenton looks through the Piper Aztec's windows before carving a prop for the Chipmunk WIZARD OF OZ Brian Winch on what makes an O. S.
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There’s something magical about the sight and sound of a multi-engine model. But twins are troublesome, right? They need an experienced hand at the controls and, of course, there’s the fear of what might happen if one engine cuts! Well, yes, twins do pose their own unique challenges and losing an engine is certainly a scenario that should be treated with respect. However, a lot of the fear is, perhaps, based on not knowing what to expect. So what are the aerodynamic issues with a multi-engine model? Just what can you expect to happen if one engine cuts? And, most of all, is there anything you can do to save the day? These are the questions we’re going to look at this month.
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ON THE COVER This'll have you reaching for your warbird encyclopedia. Still not sure? Well, Mark Roberts’ Finnish Fokker is a welcome addition to the UK's warbird circuit and you can see more of this superb D. XXI starting on page 118 FREE PRO-PLANS P. 1174 Shaun Garrity brings an unusual, easy- build single-channel delta bang up to date TUBULENT Roll out the Depron! Cyril Carr's sweet little Turb’ is just what your local park was cultivated for COLUMNS JET THRUST Bob Petrie bags another classified bargain and gets along to the Nye Jets Kero Burn meet BENCH BLOG Tim Hooper brings an update to the Tiger Moth and Citabria projects WEEKENDERS Whittaker larks around before firing up the lathe ON SILENT WINGS Simon Cocker finds his Mini Me and reports from the first Middle Wallop aerotow event of the year REGULARS SWITCH ON Dropping into Turkey and France - all the latest R/C flying news from far and wide COUNTERPOINT More overdraft max'ing goodies ALL WRITE Over to you.
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It’s a misty day in 1972 and, while my cousin checks that no-one is watching, my 12-year old hand reaches up to touch the starboard navigation light of the Supermarine Spitfire that stands guard at the gate of RAF Manston. It’s my first encounter with this legendary aircraft, and the start of a 40-year journey – one that would take me through countless Sundays launching models from the top of Buckinghamshire’s Ivinghoe Beacon, a career in the aviation industry, and all the way back to Manston where, on a boisterous May day, I’d guide my own Spitfire, Connie, over the threshold of the famous runway. MAKING PATTERNS Connie’s own story began in 2006 when, with decades of model-building behind me, I set about designing a fully moulded, 1:4-scale Mk. IX Spitfire.
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ON THE COVER We could have put a big warbird on the cover but we’ve been entranced by Ares’ exceedingly pretty little micro Fokker D. VII so that’s what you’re looking at. Just turn to page 96 to see what reviewer Tim Kearsley thought when he opened the box and took it for a spin. FREE PRO-PLANS OWLET Lindsay Todd presents his fine interpretation of General Aviation’s distinctive yet little-known trainer X-KRAFT Shaun Garrity updates an unusual, easy-build, retro sportster from his single-channel archives COLUMNS ON THE EDGE Highlighting a new slope wing, a DG600 update and the best school in the world MAKE IT SCALE Taking a break from rivet counting, Danny Fenton breaks open the dope and tissue paste WIZARD OF OZ The inner workings of a Saito petrol fuel system WEEKENDERS Whittaker ponders the hobby’s essential little rituals REGULARS COUNTERPOINT Your next model? PILOTS’ PICTORIAL Highlighting your projects SWITCH ON Bringing you up to date with all the latest R/C flying news ALL WRITE Have your say in the UK’s best-selling model flying mag! GOING PLACES Get out there! MARKETPLACE RCM&E’s FREE reader ad’ service NEXT ISSUE.
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Last month we left the workshop having completed the cylinder head, barrel, liner, crankcase, bearing, and backplate of this feisty home-brew . 46. We’ve established that nothing so far has been that taxing in terms of manufacture, and I’m pleased to tell you that the same ease applies to what’s left. So, let’s crack on and get it finished.
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ON THE COVER Foam it is, yet there’s no denying that E-flite’s P2 Prometheus is a very attractive drop of aerobatic biplane. Pop across to page 119 and we’ll tell you how it flies. . .


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