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Having been a modeller for well over 30 years (and an engineer for a lot longer than that) I’ve built a fair number of models but have never made an engine for one. Despite the fact that there are a number of plans available, I never seemed to get around to it. However this changed when I read Alex Whittaker’s article in RCM&E concerning his Firefly project. I admire anyone who tries to have a go at something a bit more adventurous, and I was sufficiently tempted to give the Firefly a go myself, particularly as Alex was asking for volunteers to try the drawings out and machine a working prototype.
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Until now, plans for DIY engines have tended to be of smaller diesels and maybe the odd 2 or 3cc non R/C glow. However, the Firefly . 46 is the first forty class, two-stroke, R/C self-build engine to be published in a generation. In the UK, I can only remember the Jones, some decades ago, and that was a sixty, and even then you had to buy the plan.
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ON THE COVER Powered by two 120-size gas turbines and weighing a healthy 97lb (44kg), Ted Allison’s huge English Electric Lightning is as impressive as the full size. It was one of the show-stoppers at Elvington 2015 and you can see our round-up of all the action starting on page 18. Photo: Alex Whittaker FREE PRO-PLANS WEEK-ENDER Shaun Garrity re-visits an easy-build, single-channel design from 1966 that’s perfect for an inexpensive, 3-channel electric power set-up BATTY Why not fly in the dark with Lindsay Todd’s distractively different sportster REGULARS SWITCH ON COUNTERPOINT PILOTS’ PICTORIAL GOING PLACES ALL WRITE MARKETPLACE NEXT ISSUE REVIEWS DUO DISCUS Simon Cocker steps out with a very affordable 4m span semi-scale offering from FlyFly WILGA Black Horse’s new 1. 7m (56”) span semi-scale sportster MACH 25 David Ashby holds on tight to Blade’s FPV racer A TALE OF TWO SHOCKIES Two indoor, park-fly aerobats go head to head, surely shock flyers are all the same aren’t they? F4U-4 CORSAIR E-flite’s new 1.
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Local shows and events provide an excellent PR opportunity for a club and make a great sideshow for many a school fete or charity fund-raiser. Alas, however, gone are the days when a few good guys could take up a bit of room on the playing field and make something up as they went along. We live in an increasingly litigious society and if ‘model flying meets Joe Public’ scenarios are to go well, then a little more thought has to go into things. 1.
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ON THE COVER Often confused for the aircraft Charles Lindberg made famous, Ryan’s Brougham mini airliner is another of those evocative Golden Age machines that model so well. This is Martin Fardell’s ne scratch-built example that flew at the 2015 National Model Flying Championships and worth close inspection on page 120 Photo: Alex Whittaker FREE PRO-PLAN SONNY 1500 If your model flying awareness started in the 1960s then, chances are, you built and ew a Sonny - Graupner’s little free flight glider. Ton Van Munsteren certainly did and if you fancy returning to the simple pleasures then his enlarged, easily- built, 2-channel update is just the ticket REGULARS SWITCH ON COUNTERPOINT PILOTS’ PICTORIAL ALL WRITE GOING PLACES MARKETPLACE NEXT ISSUE. .
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To start using OpenTX Companion, go to this websitehttp://www. open-tx. org/, click on the “Downloads” tab and download the “OpenTX 2. 1.
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ON THE COVER Sometimes a scale model comes along that stops you in your tracks and Derrick Lane’s Fieseler Storch is one such. Saying the 93” span, Laser- powered facsimile is detailed would be to understate what Derrick has achieved. Just turn to page 106 and see for yourself. Photo: Alex Whittaker FREE PRO-PLAN VECTOR Fancy something a little different that’s inexpensive, easy to build and flies well? Pete Collins’ unorthodox sportster should turn a few heads and you’ll find the plan inside this month’s issue.
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Cyril Carr's Semi scale sportster is designed primarily for beginners but is also a platform for those uninitiated in the ways of Depron to experiment with the techniques and adhesives required and we've got the build photo's. So take a look below and allow them to aid your build! Happy building! . . .
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ON THE COVER Few sport bipes are as pretty as Chris Foss’ Wots Wot. First introduced as a kit in 1988, an ARTF version followed in 2014 and this new grab’n’go Foam-e is the latest incarnation. Turn to page 54 and we’ll tell you how it flies. FREE PRO-PLAN AERMACCHI AM.
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RCM&E January 1996 With the UK in the depths of winter as the inaugural 1996 issue of RCM&E hit the shelves, the blue skies that deliver the background for the cover shot no doubt provided a boost for modellers dreaming of summer. Loris Goring and his nicely painted Goldberg Super Chipmunk took centre stage of this idyllic sun-drenched scene. Under the heading ‘Airbrush your aircraft’, Loris duly reappeared elsewhere in the issue and kicked off a series of how to do exactly that. WALLET TEASING As always there was plenty on offer from suppliers, offering their wares via telephone mail order, since internet shopping was yet to make its mark.


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